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Since 2000, U.S.-native Sarah Andrews has been writing about Barcelona and Catalunya for publications all over the globe, including In Style, U.S. Airways' Attache and Transitions Abroad. She's the Barcelona stringer for the Associated Press and also writes travel guidebooks about Spain for publishers like Lonely Planet, Avalon Travel, The AA and Time Out. Her areas of expertise are Catalan culture, travel in Spain and Spanish/Catalan fashion, and her writing style is known to be light and colorful.

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The Year of Gaudí
by Sarah Andrews

Antonio Gaudí was so shabby-looking at the end of his life that when he was run over by a tram as he crossed a busy street in 1926 the taxi drivers who witnessed the accident wouldn’t even take the injured vagrant to a hospital. He died three days later, having spent the last year of his life living like a hermit inside his own studio. [More]

Columbus’ Rendezvous in La Gomera
by Sarah Andrews

In the not too-distant past, this tiny island off the coast of Africa was the end of the world, the edge of the map, the most westerly thing known to man. As I stepped on its black, volcanic shore, I tried to imagine that I didn’t know the New World was only a jet plane ride away, or that international newspapers had arrived on the morning’s first ferry boat from nearby Tenerife, an island that like La Gomera forms part of the Canary Islands archipelago.  [More]

El Priorato
by Sarah Andrews

Say the word "Priorat" these days, and the first image that comes to mind is a strong, pricey red wine. The D.O. (denominación de origen) Priorat has earned a reputation in the past 10 years for producing vibrant, high-quality wines and is gaining fame in Spain and internationally. I decided I had to make the two-hour drive down from Barcelona to see the source of all the fuss.


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