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Features: french, german, italian, english, spanish & portuguese documenting & commercial negotiations. With over 15 years International experience in the Magreb, Latin America, Asia, Middle East and Eastern Europe. Working for the Washington Times, Maclean from Canada, L´expansion, Business week and The economist.  Commercial transanctions in Spain and worldwide. Economics (micro & macro). Specialized  in special reports and advertising (market research and consumer behaviour). Very good knowledge of the Costa del Sol market (real state & living customs). 


Ignacio Velasco Cruz 


Aeronave 12. Madrid 28042 SPAIN
636 069 373 [email protected]
696 377 171 [email protected] 

Born: 12-04-68 in Madrid.
Nationality: SPANISH
IDN: 51.391.567 E

1987 - 1992
Business Administration (Economics) at the AUTONOMA University in Madrid. Specialitation in Market Research, Consumer Behaviour & Marketing.
1974 - 1987 "Selectividad", High school and college at the JESUITS Institution, “Nuestra Señora del Recuerdo”. Complementary english and french courses in London and Paris.

International Project Manager in TRADING & FINANCE CONSULTING. Over 20 years International experience in international financing & foreign trade. Export & Finance credit for turnkey project all around the world (Middle East, Asia, Australia, New Zeland, USA, and Latin America). Responsible for International customer service department.
2000 – 2003 International Project Manager in VEGAMEDIA. Director of several projects in the following countries: Morocco, Algeria, Yugoslavia, Macau & Greece. Responsible for obtaining over 750.000 U$ in advertising to back up the success of these projects. Contacts at the highest level in the economy and political spheres of each country (state secretaries & Presidents).
1999 – 2000 International project manager in GLOBAL GOLF COMPANY, account manager, search and opening of new markets, customer management and follow up, cost/benefit analysis, responsible of organizing promotional events and Intenational Fairs. Participation in BMP (Barcelona Meeting point, Real Estate fair), Sâlao Inmobiliario in Lisbon and Real Estate Fair at Cannes).
1997 - 1999 Product & commercial Manager in DICRYL, S.A. Responsible for all LCD's sales in the following countries: Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, South Africa and Australia. Quality control services through IT departament in Boecillo (Valladolid). Export Manager at NEWLANDS trading (automovile sector). International Sales departament Manager (Italy & Germany). Responsible for customer service.
1993 - 1997 Economist of the group NOTIPRESS, conducting and directing interviews of
socio-economic content at the highest level (State secretaries, Presidents ...)in different countries (MEXICO, ARGENTINA, MOROCCO, PORTUGAL, PERU, THAILAND, MALI ...) to be published as "Special Reports" inside several International pretigious Medias such us: Macleans, Washington times, Ausbanc, L`expansion, Wirtschafts Woche... International director of teams in PRESS PLUS ltd. in operations with Africa. Language profesor in the State secretary of COMMERCE & INDUSTRY (Madrid).
1992 - 1993 Comercial Junior executive of ARIN INTERNAT. (Engeniering & Projects).
1986 - 1996 Import-Export of products from Asia (Tapestry, jewlery and vintage products) & U.S.A , second hand market of Automobiles, Motorcycles and consumer goods of different brands and categories.
1990 - 1992 Public relations in BELFORD Ltd (UK) researching new markets and cooperating in the creation of their Infraestructure in Madrid.
1991 - 1999 Diplomate teacher of Languages in Madrid (English, French,German,Italian)

SPANISH: Bilingual. Mother tongue.
ENGLISH: bilingual, Trinity College, Cambridge, Madrid’s International school of Languages.
FRENCH: Bilingual. DALF (Diplôme approfondi en langue française) degree by the Madrid’s French Institute.
ITALIAN: Bilingual. Instituto Italiano di Madrid. Studi di lingue straniere. Livello 8.
GERMAN: Medium/High.Written and oral comprehension good. Oral expression very good.
PORTUGUESE: Good conversation skills. Very good oral and written comprehension.
THAI, SERVSKI, ARAB, CHINESE cantonese: Basic/elementary. Only spoken.

Computers: User´s experience in Windows enviroment, Internet, Web creation, Lotus 123, Microsoft office & many others applications (money 99, system Tools, etc...).
Hobbies: Travelling, Aviation, Mecanics, Electronics, Foreign Languages, Art History, HI-FI.
Sports: Ski, Swimming, Jogging, Trekking, Diving and others...
Others: Highly skilled and experienced in negotiating with purchase, sales & logistics



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