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Born in Manchester, UK, Valerie Collins is a freelance writer and editor with a linguistic background who has lived in Barcelona since 1973. She worked on the Insight Guide to Barcelona (2000) and has contributed to Flying Colours, The Barcelona Metropolitan, Verbatim, The Vocabula Review, The Broadsheet, The Reporter, Kafeniocom and The Rotarian, and is the author of several prize-winning short stories. She regularly writes SpeakUp movie guides for RBA Editores of Barcelona, is English language advisor to the Science Museum of Barcelona and Sitges Tourist Board, and compiles the Barcelona destination pages for EasyJetís monthly inflight magazine. She is co-owner and co-editor of the Worlds Apart Review, a website for expatriate writers, at She is now finishing her first novel, set in a vibrant fictional city not unlike Barcelona.


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Clinging to Life
by Valerie Collins

Did you know that of the more than 6500 languages currently spoken on our planet, fewer than half are likely to survive this century? Native American, African, Australian languages, stuff like that, no? Actually, itís a bit closer to home. UNESCOís Red Book on Endangered Languages (updated 1999) has no less than 94 entries for Europe. And, with the exception of Catalan, all the minority languages spoken in Spain are on that list.

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