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Nick Inman is a writer, editor and photographer who has specialized in all things Spanish since 1988. He has contributed to many newspapers and magazines, including the Financial Times and The Guardian, and has written, edited or updated innumerable travel guides. As the editor of Dorling Kindersley's Eyewitness Travel Guide to Spain, he has extensive experience in producing highly illustrated books. He has specialist knowledge of Spanish fiestas, Spanish hotels and the provinces of Valencia, Alicante (the Costa Blanca), Castellón and Murcia. He runs his own photo library supplying transparencies of Spain for magazines and books.



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    How to be a Freelance
    by Nick Inman

Freelance writing and photography doesn't suit everyone and I would only recommend it if you feel you can't live any other way. Having a steady job has lots of advantages even if you have to put up with fixed working hours and a neurotic boss. To freelance successfully you will have to enjoy working by yourself from home and living on a widely fluctuating income. The job description of the average freelance calls for initiative, ideas, motivation, perseverance and luck. As well as being the creative force behind your mini-business you will need to be your own secretary, marketing expert and systems support technician when your computer crashes. If you are not a proactive problem solver there will be no one to save you.


    Where to Stay
    by Nick Inman

In 1990 I was commissioned to contribute to a guide to the charming small hotels of Spain. The brief was to find around 200 hotels of thirty rooms or less which worth driving out of your way to stay in. They had to be special in some way as well as being intimate, usually family-run places where as much attention was given to the décor as the service. Even though we stretched the definition to include many paradors (certainly not family-run and often impersonal), larger hotels and hotels which had novelty value but were not really "charming" we struggled to fill the guide.


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