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After going to live in Spain in the 1970s, Robert Latona became a regular contributor to magazines such as Lookout, and Spain Gourmetour specializing in travel, historical and cultural features, Spanish current affairs and those with a Mallorcan angle. Freelance sidelines have included academic and other quality niche translations, “advertorial” country supplements for major US and British publications, ghostwriting of two books plus chunks of four standard guidebooks to Spain. From 1987 to 2005 he was a newsdesk editor at EFE, the Spanish state news agency. More recently, he has written for several print and web publications on Spanish politics, cultural affairs and the arts scene.


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     Heaven can wait
     by Robert Latona
Topping everybody's required reading list for the hectic year ahead should be a book called 1492 and All That. The only problem is that it hasn't quite been written yet, but when Spain finally does get round to producing a double-barreled send-up of its own appalling history and the equally appalling textbooks in which it has been perpetuated, it will doubtless have to start off something like this:
"Queen Isabel married Fernando and got Columbus on his way across the ocean blue, and, after they chucked out the Jews, who were unpopular, and the Moors, who objected to being reconquered, they got the Spaniards who were left over to live together for awhile in the same country without killing each other; she was thus a good queen."

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