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Michel Cruz has a multicultural background: born in Johannesburg in 1968, he grew up between Holland and South Africa and has travelled extensively ever since. Originally pursuing a career in FMCG marketing, he soon found his real calling in journalism. Besides working as associate editor of Essential Marbella (www.essentialmagazine.com), a glossy lifestyle magazine on the Costa del Sol, Michel also contributes to other local and international publications. While his background is in economics, he works together with highly respected photographers and writes on topics as diverse as travel, culture, history, people, art and artists, design and current affairs. A native English and Dutch speaker, he also translates between these two languages, and brings marketing savvy and writing skill together in his copywriting.

Although he specialises in writing to brief, Michel Cruz has built up a large stock of articles on a wide variety of topics.


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La Mancha - In Search of Don Quijote
by Michel Paul-Anthony Cruz
([email protected])

The following is an excerpt from "La Mancha—In Search of Don Quijote", published in Essential Marbella Magazine, Issue 37, May 2002.

La Mancha is inextricably connected to Don Quijote; mention the name and it immediately produces images of two solitary figures on horseback, silhouetted against the arid plains of a tableland punctuated not by trees, but by rotund white windmills.

Today you can still follow Don Quijote’s trail, where the tragicomical, melancholy knight and his wily peasant servant, Sancho Panza, roamed about aimlessly, mistaking windmills for ‘giants’. 


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