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Tapas Make Great Party Fare 
Author: Janet Mendel
Photography by John James Wood

"In Spain, tapas are appetizer foods served in popular wine bars. Translated into plain English, tapas mean great party food. The variety of dishes - salads, seafood, meat and more - makes a fun way to entertain, whatever the occasion..."

Tapa-hopping is part of the convivial Spanish way of life. With a few friends you stop in at several tascas, taverns or bars, to have a glass of wine and sample the tapa specialties of each. Usually you stand at the bar rather than sit at a table.

Length: Six recipes, accompanied by color photographs by John James Wood 
Rights available: First North American Serial Rights 
Minimum fee: negotiable 
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A Country in Miniature
Author: Russell Chamberlin

"There's a very real custom post betweeen 'Spain' and "Andorra" which means that Andorra, though a miniature, is no toy..." 

A bird's eye view of a tough little state which, though totally Spanish in manners (they dine at midnight!) maintains its own identity.

Wordage: 800 words
Rights available: second serial rights
Minimum fee: negotiable
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On Track in Iberia 
Author: Reed Glenn

"Sipping champagne, we savored the soft gray-green blur of olive trees against rust-red soil as our train hurtled through the Spanish countryside at an astounding 180 miles per hour. Thoughts of extra virgin olive oil and olives in martinis flitted by with the scenery. Between the olive groves, pastoral farms, stately castles and storybook villages punctuated the peaceful Spanish landscape. 
A few days later, we traced a serpentine river past leafy hillsides of port wine grapes on a poky Portuguese train. The engineer tooted the whistle at every turn and stopped at every village -- a real treat since sparkling tile murals illustrated the region's history on the walls of each rustic depot. Between the vineyards, gnarled cork trees brought images all things made from their buoyant bark, including the popped top of our champagne bottle..."

Train buffs will enjoy the terrains of Spain and Portugal - a natural locomotive duo - and a new pass makes this rail fandango easy. Travel writer Reed Glenn's 10-day Iberian train trip took her in all directions in these two scenic countries and on all types of trains from the fastest to the slowest; and from the highest tech to the lowest. 

Wordage: 1700 
Photographs available
Rights available: Second Serial Rights 
Minimum fee: negotiable 
More about the author: A free-lance writer and photographer based in Boulder, Colorado, Reed 
Glenn contributes to major magazines and newspapers, including National 
Geographic Traveler, Travel Agent Magazine, Modern Maturity, American Way, 
The Toronto Globe and Mail, The Los Angeles Times and Los Angeles Times 
Syndicate, The Dallas Morning News, Newsday and The Denver Post.
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La Albufera: "Saving the Samaruc"
Author: Peter Stone

"The name samaruc may not mean much to you but it means a lot to the conservationists of Valencia's lagoon land of caņas y barro just south of the Levante capital. It's a small freshwater fish which, together with the less fortunately named fartet, is in danger of extinction should pollution of the waterways by domestic sewage, industrial waste and agricultural residue continue at their present rate..."

The story of how Valencian conservationists are trying to halt the deterioration of the Albufera lagoon, which has now shrunk to a tenth of the area it covered in Roman times.

Wordage: 1,300 words
Rights available: first serial rights (all areas)
Minimum fee: negotiable
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