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Spain's Top Ten Companies

Spain's top companies and corporations.

1. Telefónica de España
Spain's Telecom operator, the Telefónica Corporation is Spain's biggest employer, with more than 95,000 people on the pay roll, and had the largest net profit. When it was privatized, the former telephone monopoly went through a process of expansion, both geographically (with a significant presence in Latin America) and in diversification into other media and the Internet, especially under its controversial chairman Juan Villalonga, appointed in 1996. Villalonga was forced to resign in 2000. The current president of Telefónica is César Alierta.

2. Grupo Santander
The Group Santander integrates to numerous banks and businesses not only in Spain, but also in Portugal and with a strong presence in south America. Among its banks we may find, the Santander Central Hispano Bank, Banesto, the Bank of Venezuela, Río de Plata Bank, etc. It is the first financial company of Spain and the second of the euro zone. The 68% of its employees work out side of Spain.

3. Repsol YPF
It is the mayor spanish petrol and gas company and of gas , with international presence in 28 countries and leader in Spain and Argentina. Its production is of 1,1 million barrels a day of petrol and its reserves overpasses the 5.400 million barrels, located in Latin America and in the North of Africa.

4. Iberdrola
Spain's biggest utilities company. In October 2000, the Iberdrola corporation anounced a merger with Endesa (ranked 6) to form the third largest electricity conglomerate in the world, and the first in terms of number of clients, with nearly 37 million users and a strong presence in Latin America, but restrictions imposed by the Spanish government caused the two companies to back out of the deal.

Spanish bank with strong precence in foreing countries.

6. Endesa
Spain's second largest electricity company.

7. El Corte Inglés
Its name translating as "the English cut" (meaning English style), Spain's biggest chain of department stores was founded in 1940 by Ramón Areces, who had a Madrid tailor shop on Madrid's Calle Preciados. In 1995 it bought out its only serious competitor, Galerias Preciados.

8. Seat
SEAT stands for "Sociedad Española de Automóviles de Turismo". Spain's first big car manufacturer was founded in 1950, and under the Franco regime produced the endearing little Seat 600, based on a Fiat model. Some called it the "bellybutton", because everybody had one. Since 1986 Seat has been part of the Volkwagen group, and its economy model Ibiza is the best-sellling car in Spain.

9. Fasa Renault
The Spanish branch of the French auto manufacturer.

10. Opel
Spain's third largest car manufacturer.

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