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Editor's Shortcut

You'd love to stick around and browse through all that Freelance Spain has to offer. But you have no time for waffle, verbiage and poetic prose. You need it, and you need it now!

So what is it you need?

I need to contact a freelance journalist in Spain
I need to contact a freelance photographer in Spain
I need someone to translate something from Spanish to English, or vice versa

I need some background information about... (go to list of subjects)
Just give me the low-down on Spain in 600 words or less
I need to know who's who in the Spanish government
I need information about a Spanish personality
Who are the ten most influential people in Spain?
Which are the biggest companies in Spain?

I need a list of English-language publications in Spain
I need a list of foreign correspondents in Spain
What are the latest news headlines from Spain?
Who has the best photo library on Spain?

I need some basic travel information
I need a hotel in Spain
I need personalized travel advice (and I'm willing to pay for it)
Just give me a list of the best websites on Spain - I'll take it from there

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