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Santana Books are Spain's leading English-language book publishers. Our list of titles (please see full list of titles) covers every aspect of living in Spain. Thousands of expats in the country and lovers of Spain all over the world have learned to rely on the essential information in our books because they are written by the top experts.

For example, Janet Mendel, the author of our bestselling Cooking In Spain, considered to be the definitive book on traditional Spanish cooking, has been writing and lecturing on Spanish food for more than 30 years.

David Searl, the author of the Spanish Property Guide and You and the Law in Spain, which was described by The London Times as "the bible for foreigners in Spain", has been a legal writer, broadcaster and lecturer in Spain for more than 20 years.

Here is what the media has said about some of our books:

Cooking In Spain... "A brilliant guide to traditional Spanish cooking" 
- Taste Magazine

You and the Law in Spain... "Regarded as the bible for foreigners in Spain" 
- The London Times

Birds of Iberia... "A major reference work"
- Insight Magazine

In a phrase, Santana books are essential reading for anyone anywhere with an interest in Spain.

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