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A selection of useful links, not necessarily related to Spain, for journalists and web editors. Pages will appear in a new brower window. Please e-mail us if you would like to suggest a site for this section.


Dot Journalism – British-based online resource for journalists
Editor and Publisher – online version of the American E&P magazine, dedicated to the news trade - a unique service that allows editors to go straight to travel guide authors for assignments, advice and information about practically any destination in the world.
Media Personnel - Online database of freelance journalists, designers, photographers, editors, etc.
Journalist Express - Oodles of links for journalists
Netread - A general resource for publishers, writers, printers, book sellers
World Publishing Industry - Directory of sites related to publishing, online and dead-tree, from suppliers to buyers
World Journalist - started in spring 2000, the site aims to provide a showcase for freelance journalists to sell their work.
Featurewell - for editors and publishers, feature articles by top writers, available for publication
Worlds Apart - showcase for expatriate writers, with forum and tools
Periodista Digital - launched in autumn 2000, Spanish resource for journalists with links to media, online tools, and more
Free Media - website for the International Press Institute
Journalists Sans Frontieres - journalists' civil rights organization
World Wide Freelance - marketing information for freelance writers
Indipen - online press agency and syndication service
The New York Times Navigator - these are the bookmarks the NY Times news room uses when researching on the Internet. Access to this feature requires prior registration. There is no fee for registering.
XRefer - allows you to look up subjects in a variety of encyclopedias, dictionaries and other reference books.
Dictionaries Galore -  comprehensive directory of dictionaries and glossaries in various languages
Foreign Word - Draws on a number of online dictionaries to allow you to find the translation for words and phrases

Spanish Search Engines and Internet-related [email protected]


About HTML - from (formerly The Mining Co), information for HTML authors and designers, and comprehensive directory of related links
Search Engine Watch - indispensable when it comes to registering a page with the different search engines; also has useful tips on carrying out Web searches
Virtual Promote - cogent and well-written advice on how to increase traffic to your website
HTML Writers Guild - an association of Web authors with more than 100,000 members world wide
Network Solutions - the original Internic broker for domain names. The place to register, check availability or find out who owns a URL
The W3 Consortium - W3C, the World Wide Web consortium, are the folks who set standards and decide how the Web should work.


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