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Dancers, by J D Dallet
Jean-Dominique Dallet ([email protected]) is a French photographer born in northern Africa who studied and worked in France and Denmark before setting up base in southern Spain in 1976. Since then, he has specialized in Spain and the Mediterranean countries, although his work has taken him as far afield as the Philippines, Macau and India. His photos have been published in numerous international magazines, newspapers and books, including the New York Times, GEO, Mediterranée, the London Sunday Times Magazine, Burda, APA Publications travel guides and many others. More information.


Tony Abbott ([email protected]). Tony Abbott, from Devon (UK) has worked as a freelance photographer and designer in Spain since 1981. He trained in the London College of Printing and internationally he is represented by the World Pictures photo library in London. He is based in Alicante, on the eastern coast of Spain, and the regional tourist promotion board of Valencia is among his main clients. Aside from selling to international publications including Hello, Practical Photography, Woman's Realm, Mail on Sunday, Daily Telegraph and others, his work has been exhibited in photography shows in Spain.


Toro de Fuego, Valerie de la DehesaJerónimo Alba ([email protected]). More than 20 years experience in photojournalism as well as publicity shooting. One of the most respected freelancer in Southern Spain. His work, always done on time, as appeared in differents national and international magazines and books. He also produce photographs for advertissing agencies as Varian Suisse, Sunsetter Irland,Phillips and Byblos. He is represented by AGE Fotostock and
More information.




Toro de Fuego, Valerie de la DehesaAlbert Berenguier([email protected]), french, was born in Paris, he has worked as a freelancce photographer and film director. Ha has travelled and shooted all over the World mainly for industrial companies, Renault, Total, Peugeot, Citröen, Alfa-Laval, Volvo… for durable goods and public Works enterprises. Advertising photographies were published in french and european newspaper. He performed several exhibitions in Paris at the Canon gallery and won the first prize at the International Enterprises Films Festival in Biarritz. In possession of a photographic library with more than 500 000 slides and digital images about many countries in the World.
He has benn teaching photography at the Beaux Arts School in France for 10 years.
He is at the present time based in Spain.



Toro de Fuego, Valerie de la DehesaValerie de la Dehesa ([email protected]) is a freelance photographer based in Madrid.  Half Spanish, half French and fluent in English, she studied at the the Robert Capa School of Photography in New York, then worked for three years as staff photojournalist on the Madrid daily El País. Now a freelance, her work encompasses diverse fields, from photojournalism and portraiture to fashion, food, homes and gardens. Her clients include advertising agencies and editorial media. A regular contributor to the Madrid English-language monthly The Broadsheet, her work has appeared in the daily El Mundo's color supplement, Allegra (Germany), Liberation (France) and other international publications.



Heinz Hebeisen ([email protected]). Born in Zürich (Switzerland) in 1951, Hebeisen studied advanced photography at the London College of Printing. Two Swiss Aplied Art Grants. Spanish National Photography Award for 1988 and2000. Two Photo Press First Prizes. Has published 13 books and performed over twenty individual and collective exibitions. He has been based in Madrid since 1978, and travels extensively through Spain. Colour archive with close to 200'000 slides and digital images about Spain, but also Nothern Africa, different European . Works at the present especiallly for Vinum (European Wine magazine) but publishes in many other magazines (GEO, Viajes, De Viajes etc.).One of his specialities is wine and wine making, and he has photographed practically every Spanish wine region as correspondent for the Swiss wine magazine, Vinum. He was the founder of the spanish edition of Vinum in 1997. His idea of fun is to photograph the Spanish landscape from a hot air balloon.



Marion Kaplan ([email protected]) London-born Marion Kaplan worked as a freelance photojournalist and writer in Africa for twenty years, covering a broad range of stories for magazines and newspapers including National fotoGeographic and Time in the U.S. and The Observer in England.  Subsequently, she lived in Portugal, establishing ties with Spain and Lookout.  She is now based in southwest France.  Kaplan has photographed extensively across the world including such Spanish-speaking countries as Mexico, Peru and Venezuela.  Her books include Focus Africa, on the post-independence period, and The Portuguese--the Land and its People (the 2006 edition published by Carcanet Press).  Her photos have appeared in numerous other books and in the international press.  Her photo agency for many years was Camera Press.  In the digital era  much of her work is marketed by the online agency   (more info)



Adam Lubroth, ([email protected]), who studied photography at the Rhode Island School of Design, has been living and working in Spain since the early 1980s, although he travels extensively within Europe and elsewhere. His editorial work has been published media as diverse as Time Magazine, the New York Times, Marie Claire, Vogue, and, in Spain, El Mundo and El Pais, but his main activity is advertising and corporate photography for clients which have included IBM, Morgan Bank, Repsol, British Gas, Iberia, Kraft, Telefonica, Hyatt Hotels, Häagen Dazs, Ford, Hewlett Packard among others.



Photo by Larry ManginoLarry Mangino ([email protected]) has been working as a photojournalist in Madrid since 1981, and between 1989 and 1998 was a senior staff photographer for the Madrid newspaper, El Mundo. Born in 1956, Mangino’s professional career started in his native Arizona, where he worked for the Media Productions studio. Today he markets his work through agencies including the Associated Press, the Image Works and Spain’s Cover, and his pictures have been published in media including Newsweek, the New York Times, GEO, Marie-Claire, Vogue and People, as well as books. View samples.




Robert Royal ([email protected]) has over 25 years of experience as a professional photographer, specializing in the production and direction of photography of real-life situations on location, portraits, and architecture in the advertising and corporate media. American Robert Royal's photographs have appeared consistently in the international press and in countless books. He has an active photographic archive on Spain of political and cultural themes.


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