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Pau Donés (Jarabe de Palo)
Spanish contemporary singer and song writer. 

Behind the stage name "Jarabe de Palo" ("cane molasses") is singer and songwriter Pau Donés, born in the region of Aragon and a long-time resident of Barcelona. His music is characterized for carrying out a fusion of rock and blues with latin american rhythms. With two long-play records on the market, he has assured himself a position amonLa Flaca, Jarabe de Palog the most original contemporary Spanish singers, nevertheless his last two albums have disappointed a little to criticism and public, remaining aside and falling in the marketability. Now he is preparing a new album that will be called "Un metro cuadrado" which will include the collaboration of Chrissie Hynde, singer of Pretenders.

Jarabe de Palo’s first hit came in 1997 with the release of "Duca2 Music", a compilation CD whose first single release was Donés’s song, La Flaca (The Skinny Woman, inspired by a visit to Cuba) which became that summer’s top seller. Unlike most summer hits, which are soon forgotten, La Flaca is now considered a classic, and one of the best Spanish pop-rock songs of the decade. La Flaca, which is the title of Donés’s first LP (Virgin Records), had already been on the market for eight months but it was its inclusion in the Duca2 Music compilation that launched Donés and his group into the big time, following up with songs such as Grita and El Lado Oscuro.

That first album won several of Spain top music awards, including the Premio Ondas award for best song. In September 1998 Donés’s second record, "Depende", was released, confirming his position as one of Spain's leading talents in modern music. The title single climbed the lists thanks to its simple, catchy melody, but it is songs like Agua, Pura Sangre, Perro Apaleao and Duerme Conmigo which make the record the solid piece of work which earned the Premio Ondas for best album.

Pau Donés was born October 11, 1966. Inspired by the music of The Beatles and Bob Marley, he formed his first group at aged 15 - called J & Co Band and later, Dentaduras Postizas - with his brother Marc, who played the drums. Meanwhile, he studied Business and Economics and later he worked at an advertising agency, while playing gigs at Barcelona clubs at night. He was discovered by a scout from Virgin Records and cut his first record when he was 30. He lives in a remote village in the Pyrenees with his girlfriend, a snowboard instructor, and rides a Harley Davison.

"La Flaca" 1996
"Depende" 1998
"De vuelta y vuelta" 2001
"Bonito" 2004



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