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Josť Antonio Camacho
Ex-Maneger of the National Soccer team and ex-former coach of Real Madrid.

In 1998, Josť Antonio Camacho, one time player for the Real Madrid soocer club, took over from Javier Clemente as the coach for Spain's national football team. Honest, forthright and firm, he was a refreshing change from Clemente, whose arrogant manner and mishandling of the media had been compounded by a long losing streak on the Spanish side. After the World Cup 2002 in Korea, and a brilliant preformance of the Spanish selection, Camacho resigned the charge of manager.

Following his retirement as a player in 1989, Camacho was part of the Real Madrid coaching team. He later went on to coach three more Spanish teams, two of which - Rayo Vallecano and Espanyol - he took into the First Division. He also coached Real Madrid for a brief 22 days in 1998, but left over disagreements with the club's management. A few years later, in 2004, he would return to coach the same club during two months, as for he returned to resign just after begining the national champions league, unsatisfied with the performance of a team that has the bets players of the world.

Josť Antonio Camacho was born in the village of Cieza (Murcia) in 1955. He joined Real Madrid at age 18, playing left defence between 1973 and 1989 and taking part in 400 First Division matches, in spite of a knee injury which put his soccer career on hold for two years. He also played 81 games for the Spanish national team, taking part in two World Cups.


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