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Noelia Fernández-Arroyo
Senior Producer for Yahoo Spain.

When she first started surfing the Net in 1994 - one of the first people in Spain to go online - Noelia Fernández soon realized that the Internet was going to change everybody's lives. That same year she founded an Internet media consulting company, called New Media Publishing and based in the city of Pamplona. The following year she graduated from journalism school in Pamplona's University of Navarre.

She joined Yahoo! in September 1998, to spearhead the production of the popular site's dedicated Spanish version, which was launched in November that year. A Spanish-language version of the portal already existed, but Spain became the first Spanish-speaking country with its own specific version.

Fernández is also associate professor of New Media Advertising at the Media Management department at the University of Navarra, in Pamplona. The subject of her doctoral thesis was the new media, and to research it she traveled around the United States for several months to learn about on-line editions of the mainstream media there.

Noelia Fernández-Arroyo was born in Santander, a city on the northern coast of Spain, in 1972.


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