Soccer star Hugo Sanchez, photo by Larry Mangino  

Larry Mangino
[email protected]
Madrid, Spain


  Former Real Madrid striker  Hugo Sanchez shoots for goal


Santiago Calatrava's train staion, Lisbon, photo by Larry Mangino
Train station designed by Valencian architect
Santiago Calatrava for the Lisbon "Expo 98", Portugal


Laser research at the Centro Superior de Investigación
Cientifica (CSIC) in Madrid

Gran Vía, Madrid, photo by Larry Mangino
Sharing a smoke on the Gran Vía in Madrid

Laser research, photo by Larry Mangino


Larry Mangino
Photojournalism. Portraits, News and Sports. Reportage
Corporate & Advertising Photography

e-mail: [email protected]

Professional Activity
From 1999 - Freelance photographer based in Madrid, Spain.
1989-98 - Staff Photographer/Editor, El Mundo newspaper, Madrid, Spain.
1981-89 - Freelance photographer based in Madrid, Spain. Correspondent for The Image Works (New York). Contract stringer for The Associated Press (Madrid) and Gruner + Jahr Publishers.
1980-81 - Advertising photographer, Media Productions, Tempe, Arizona, USA.
1979 - Assistant to photographer Chris Bassett, Phoenix, Arizona, USA.

Publications & Outlets:
Agencies: The Associated Press (AP), COVER, The Image Works.
Newspapers: The New York Times, The International Herald Tribune, The Miami Herald, The Guardian, El Mundo, ABC, Diario 16.
Magazines: Newsweek, People, Semana, VOGUE, Marie-Claire 16, DUNIA, La Mirada, Sobremesa, GEO, JOYCE.
Publishers: Random House, MacGraw-Hill/Webster, D.C. Heath, Holt, Rinehart & Winston, Scott Foresman.
Companies: Procter & Gamble, Motorola, John Deere, Chelverton Properties, SMARTResearch , RENFE, Osborne.

Awards & Shows:
2000 Selected for the photographic show "25 Años Después", portraying Spain's historic transition to democracy
1998 Gran Fotoprix de Plata prize, Barcelona, Spain.
Premio Ciudad de Gijón finalist with the "La Gran Vía" series, Semana Negra, Gijón, Spain.
Projection of the "El Toro de Osborne" and the "La Gran Vía" series during the 1st  edition of Photoespaña, Madrid, Spain.
1996 Gran Fotoprix de Bronce prize, Barcelona, Spain.
One-man show of the "El Toro de Osborne" series, Círculo de Bellas Artes, Madrid, Spain. A book/catalogue with a prologue by William Lyon was published for this event (distributed by Egartorre Libros, Madrid and Nordest Llibres, Catalonia).
1991 Participated in the show "Visa po
ur la Image: Regional Photojournalism", Perpignan, France.
1990 16 images selected for the "Cuatro Direcciones, Fotografía Contemporánea Española 1970-1990" (vol.II) videodisk, Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, Madrid, Spain.
Five consecutive Fotopres prizes, Barcelona, Spain.

1979 Bachelor of Arts in Education and Fine Arts (Major in Photography, Minor in Art History), Arizona State University, USA.
1976 Associate Arts Degree in Photography, Phoenix College, USA.


Photo by Larry Mangino