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University of Barcelona
Autonomous University of Madrid
Lazy Students' Resource
- The idea behind "El Rincón del Vago" is: why work on a school paper, when you can crib it from somebody else? Here's where to download term papers (in Spanish).
Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas
- Spanish National Scientific Research Institute
Instituto Geográfico Nacional - National Geographic Institute
The British Council - cultural institution promoting British culture in Spain, and manager of the British Council School in Madrid and British Institutes in Spain

Real Academia - The Spanish Royal Language Academy
Biblioteca Nacional - Spain's National Library
Puerta del Sol - Specialized magazine for those who want to improve their Spanish
Spain Exchange - Page for non-Spanish students in Spain, with lots of advice and information, guides to universities and languages courses, and more
Cervantes Institute - promoting the Spanish language internationally (New York Branch)
Spanish Courses -
The Andalusian Association of Spanish Schools for Foreigners
About Spanish – aimed at those studying the Spanish language, with directory of resources
Spanish Language - comprehensive home page devoted to the Spanish language
Dictionaries Galore - from the University of Vigo in northern Spain, a comprehensive directory of dictionaries and glossaries in various languages.
Route 66 Idiomas -
Learn spanish in Valencia (Spain).
Centro Virtual Cervantes - a branch of Spain's Cervantes Institute, devoted to promoting the Spanish language internationally.
Virtual Spanish Library - an ambitious project from the Univerisity of Alicante, featuring a large online selection of classic Spanish books online. Their aim is to eventually digitalize 30,000 works
Hubbard Language Dpt. - from the Hubbard High School world language department, useful information and links for Spanish and French students
Foreign Word - Draws on a number of online dictionaries to allow you to find the translation for words and phrases

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