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General Information

Spain Alive - launched in January 2001, a new dedicated site on Spain in English, produced by The Broadsheet and Guia del Ocio.
Si Spain
- promoted by the Spanish embassy in Canada, one of the first and most comprehensive websites about Spain
Santana Books - specialized publisher of books on Spain, including cooking, history, Spanish law for foreigners and more
About Spain - part of the network, a combination of search engine and hosted page on a given theme, in this case Spain. Also hosts a chat, forum and e-mailed newsletter.
Search Iberia - new English-language index listing Spain related sites
Spain List - a portal of Spanish travel sites
TuSpain - This was the first English-language online magazine on Spain
Cyberspain - e-zine covering various aspects of Spanish culture and leisure
Typically Spanish - different aspects of Spanish culture, and a round-up of Spain-related stories from the British press
Spain Net - comprehensive directory of Spain-related sites
Directorio - directory with more than 1,500 links to Spanish sites. Last updated in 1996, and some links might be out-of-date. It's a large file (182KB) so patience is called for when connecting.
Páginas Amarillas - Spain's Yellow Pages
American Women's Club of Madrid - home page for one of Spain's longest established expat associations, with tips for newcomers
Spain Guides - books on Spain, travel info, links to English-language media and more
Enciclonet - Micronet, an online encyclopedia in Spanish
Breaking Headlines - Nothingbutheadlines, News syndication site for all the latest breaking news around the globe. It's being updated every hour for the latest in sports, entertainment, politics and economy.
UK in Spain - page promoting Britain in Spain, jointly produced by the British Embassy, British Council and British Tourism Board
E-Pionions on Spain - Spanish page from E-pionions, a consumer-oriented noticeboard site - for the online aficionado of bullfighting

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