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Our ever-expanding "Insight" series includes short articles about different aspects of Spain of interest to journalists, editors and visitors in general. Here's a list of the subjects currently featured.



The Spanish Political Arena. A quick look at who's who in Spanish politics.
Who's Who in the Spanish Government. Spanish ministers in the first Zapatero administration, appointed in 2004.
Top Ten Spaniards. The ten most influential people in Spain.
Spain's Top Ten Companies. The leading companies, corporations and banks in Spain.
Pending Business. A look at some of the perennial issues affecting Spain and its international relations.
Human Rights in Spain. The US State Department's annual report on human rights in the world cites few incidents in Spain at an institutional level.
The Media in Spain. The Spanish media scene.
Press Freedom. A look at Spain's record.
Spain in English. The story behind some of Spain's (numerous) publications in English, and a list of foreign correspondents in Madrid.


Spaniards for the 21st Century. An ever-growing series featuring short biographical clips of selected Spaniards in the news.


Heaven can wait  by Robert Latona, about Queen Isabel.
The Story of Spain. No time for lengthy history lessons? Here's 5000 years of Spanish history in 500 words.
The First Europeans. Two sites in Spain yield the earliest evidence of humans in Europe.
The Spanish Language. The Spanish language, how it evolved, and a look at the other languages of Spain. Plus, Favorite False Friends and favorite Spanish proverbs.
Spanish languages: clinging to life, by Valerie Collins.
Spanglish. That curious English-Spanish linguistic mix looks like it's here to stay.
Royal Centennial. The year 2000 marked the 500th anniversary of the birth of Spain's King Carlos I, known to the rest of the world as Emperor Charles the Fifth.
Why I Became A Spaniard. How an American kid turned into a card-carrying citizen of Spain.
Unwanted Guests. Introduced animal and plant species threaten Spain's environment.
Fiestas in Spain. Nobody knows how to throw a party quite like the Spanish do. By Nick Inman.
The Food of Spain. Food writer Janet Mendel explains that Spanish cuisine is not as simple as you think.
Spanish wines: El Priorato  by Sarah Andrews
Spanish Wine. The world is finally discovering just how good Spanish wines are. By Mark Little

The Secret of Sherry. A classic wine from Andalusia - how it is made, and how it is facing the changing times.
Arts: "Picasso's barber" by Peter Stone. "The Year of Gaudí" by Sarah Andrews.


Working in Spain. Life as a freelance in sunny Spain sounds great, but read this first. (Includes information on work permits and tax regulations for journalists in Spain.)
Working in Spain: The Paperwork. More detailed information on regulations on obtaining a work permit in Spain.
Spanish Nationality Legal writer David Searl discusses the regulations for obtaining Spanish citizenship.
Better Images of Spain. On assignment in Spain? Here are a few tips from photographer Jean-Dominique Dallet
Alphabet Gazpacho. Don't know your CCOOs from your EEUUs? Here's our guide to commonly-used Spanish abbreviations and acronyms.
Words Wanted. There's an increasing demand for freelance contributions, especially from new theme websites.
How to be a freelance, by Nick Inman.
The Copyright Debate. In today's cross-media market, should writers sell their souls - and if so, for how much? By Nick Inman.
Trawling the Web. The Internet is the most powerful tool ever to be put at the disposal of a journalist researching a subject. It's also one of the most frustrating.
Search Engine Review. The fastest on the web, and the smartest.
When Love Kills. With concern over computer nasties spreading, Nick Selby tells you one or two things you should know about emailed viruses.


Hotels in Spain. Finding a hotel in Spain is no problem, but finding somewhere you'd want to stay can be. By Nick Inman
Madrid at a Glance. Author George Semler takes you on a walking tour of the Spanish capital.
Barcelona at a Glance. Stunning architecture, music, and fine food to boot... George Semler introduces you to Barcelona.
Bilbao at a Glance. The Basque city offers much more than the Guggenheim Museum. By Mark Little
Granada at a Glance. Getting to know the Moorish past and present in the city of the Alhambra. By Mark Little
Seville at a Glance. A short tour of Andalusia's seductive capital.
Almería desert. "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" by David Baird.
La Mancha
. In Search of Don Quijote, by Michel Paul-Anthony Cruz
Formentera, by Peter Stone.
Canary Islands: La Palma, All white on the night by Joe Cawley
Canary Islands: Puerto de la Cruz, Mellow Yellow by Joe Cawley 


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