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The Search Engines with the Most

Who's the fastest on the Web? Two new search engines claim to go further and faster. Judge for yourself.

Remember the days when all we used for sifting through the content of the World Wide Web were Altavista and Yahoo? Today there are hundreds of search engines, and two of the newest ones - the super-searchers Fast and Google - have become the talking point of the Internet. Both are powerful tools for anyone who needs to find something really quick.

Many popular engines, including Altavista and Yahoo, have evolved into portals, adding extra features to attract users, but this makes them clumsier where speed is involved.

Both Google and, especially, Fast are indeed faster than anything you've seen before. A search on either engine produces results within nanoseconds, among other things because they are not (at least, not yet) burdened with all those slow-loading advertising banners.

Judge for yourself - Try a search on Fast and Google

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