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Jean-Dominique Dallet is a French photographer born in northern Africa who studied and worked in France and Denmark before setting up base in southern Spain in 1976. Since then, he has specialized in Spain and other Mediterranean countries, although his work has taken him as far afield as the Philippines, Macau and India or Egypt.

Some of J D Dallet's clientsFor some of J D Dallet's clients In Spain alone, he clocks up around 60,000 miles a year as he travels the country in search of new images. His reliability and open nature have won him the trust of his subjects and the admiration of the editors he's worked with. Speaking eight languages, including Arabic, helps too.

His work has been published in numerous international magazines, newspapers and books, including the /New York Times/, /Histoire et Patrimoine, /GEO/, /Mediterranée Magazine/, the London /Sunday Times Magazine/, /Burda/, APA Publications travel guides and many others. He is also the photo editor for   http://www.spainview.com/andalucia/index.html  a travel magazine for the Andalusian tourism authority, and photographer for the project: "The Quest for Immortality in Ancient Egypt" of the US National Gallery. He is also the photographer of the coffee table book :" Egypte, un Art por l´Eternité"  at Milan Presse, France,  "Ancient Egypt and the Afterlife" at Scala Publishers, London, and  "Images of Andalusia" for the Andalusian  government.

J D Dallet, twice winner of the Spanish government's Award for Travel Photography, was also selected along with some of the leading photographers in the world to shoot /A Day in the Life of Spain/.

At your serviceAt your serviceHis work is represented by top photo agencies including Age Fotostock, Superstock,  Pictures Colour Library, and  ArabianEye. He also maintains his own photo library, about the Mediterranean countries and perhaps the most complete compendium of travel images from Spain.

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