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Seville at a Glance

When the city fathers of Seville decided to build a cathedral in the 15th century they pronounced, "Let us erect a church so big that the world will take us for madmen". The result was the largest Gothic cathedral in the world. It incorporates the Giralda - the minaret of the original Grand Mosque - which is the unmistakable symbol of the Andalusian capital.
Sevillanos like doing things on a grand scale: witness the former Tobacco Factory (home of the mythical Carmen and today part of Seville University), the second largest civil building in Spain after Madrid's Escorial. Or the gracious Maria Luisa Park, venue for the 1928 Ibero-American Exposition. Or, more recently, the extravaganza of the Expo 92 Universal Exposition and Seville's Olympic Stadium, setting for the 1999 World Athletics Championships.
Straddling the Guadalquivir river, Seville - with its monuments, its picturesque Santa Cruz quarter, its dramatic Holy Week processions, its exuberant April Feria - sums up the spirit of Andalusia.


The impressive cathedral, the Giralda tower and the Real Alcazar palace

Tapa hopping in the city's countless taverns

The tranquility and landscape of the Sierra Norte, in the north of the province

Holy Week and the April Fair in Seville

The monumental towns of Carmona, Ecija and Osuna

Travel in Sevilla

Sailing on the Mighty Guadalquivir
Discovering the history and natural treasures of the Guadalquivir aboard a sailing ketch.

Edible Art in Seville
There can not be a more flavorful introduction to the lifestyle and cuisine of Andalusia than a visit to a tapa bar or, better yet, a visit to several.

The Soul of Seville
The Andalusian capital's colorful Triana district beckons across the Guadalquivir river with its mixture of tradition and trendy nightlife.

City of the Stars
Thanks to its wealth of monuments Carmona is a natural film set, with hotels fit for movie stars included.

The Return of a Master
Seville honors an illustrious son: the great painter, Diego de Velazquez.

An Executive's Day in the Country
An Andalusian ranch provides the perfect setting for a business meeting.

A Noble Town in Seville
Osuna’s architectural jewels attract visitors to the rolling countryside of the Seville Campiña.


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