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Huelva at a Glance

Huelva is where it all started. It was from the port of Palos on the Huelva coast that Christopher Columbus sailed on his historical voyage in 1492, changing the course of Spanish - and world - history. But the story of this province stretches much further back in time. Before the Romans arrived, the mineral wealth of the Huelva sierras permitted the rise of the fabulous civilization of Tartessos, whose capital, some believe, was on an island at the mouth of the Guadalquivir river.
Over the centuries the delta silted up, to give rise to a large extension of marshlands which became vital for hundreds of species of nesting and migrating birds. In the middle ages this area was a hunting reserve. Today it is protected as the Doņana National Park.
The northern sierras of Huelva constitute a natural environment of a different sort, and are also home to the prized Iberian pig, which are the source of the best cured hams in the world. This landscape of chestnut and oak trees provides a sharp contrast to the long stretches of wide, sandy beaches along the Atlantic coast of Huelva, where modern resorts and golf courses tempt the traveler.


The Doņana National Park

The Columbus Sites, from where the explorer launched his voyage of discovery

Aracena and its surrounding sierras

The Mining Park of Riotinto

The wide, sandy beaches of the Huelva coast

Ham from the free-ranging Iberico pig

Travel in Huelva

The Road to El Rocio
A tour in horse-drawn wagons allows visitors to recapture the spirit of Andalusia’s most famous pilgrimage.

Fancy Footwear
Valverde del Camino is the place to go for your Spanish boots of Spanish leather

Into the Heart of Doņana
A tour through one of Europe’s most precious natural wonders.

Hidden Treasure
Discovering marvels above and below ground in Huelva’s Sierra de Aracena.


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