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Granada's location

Granada at a Glance

Granada was the last Moorish kingdom in Spain. Ruled by the Nasrid dynasty until their final defeat by Ferdinand and Isabella in 1492, it witnessed a great cultural flourishing, even as Moorish power waned. Those times are best embodied in the fabulous palace of the Alhambra, Spain's most visited monument.
Offering a spectacular backdrop to the city is the snow-capped Sierra Nevada, the highest mountain in peninsular Spain and home to Europe's southernmost ski resort. The sun-blessed southern slops of the sierra give way to the verdant region of the Alpujarras, crisscrossed by snow-fed streams. The hills roll down to a coast where the mild year-round climate allows the farming of subtropical crops.


The palace of the Alhambra and the traditional Albaicin quarter in Granada

The Alpujarras region, south from Granada

The unique cave dwellings of Guadix and Purullena

The Sierra Nevada, peninsular Spain's highest mountain

The sub-tropical Mediterranean coast of Granada

Travel in Granada

On Horseback in the High Sierras
Trail-riding in the verdant Alpujarra on the southern slopes of Granada's Sierra Nevada.

A million Years Ago
Going underground to learn about Andalusia at the dawn of time.

Total Immersion in Sacromonte
Students learn Spanish and flamenco in the famous Granada cave quarter.

There's a Chef in the Ring
Granada’s bullring has been transformed into a lively restaurant center and nightspot.

Sierra For All Seasons
Sierra Nevada is Spain’s hottest ski resort, and it's the cool place to be in summer, too.

It's Snow Time, Folks
Skiing season in Sierra Nevada, Europe's southernmost ski station.


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