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The city of Cordoba is a place where history awaits around every street corner. It was a major center in Roman times, and under the Moors it rose to prominence as the capital of a Caliphate which ruled much of the Iberian peninsula. The Cordoba Mosque and the ruins of the palace-city of Medina Azahara are reminders of those splendid days when the city was a center of learning, attracting the most talented Muslim, Christian and Jewish scholars of the time.
Cordoba is on the banks of the Guadalquivir, Andalusia's mightiest river. To the north rise the rugged Sierra Morena mountains, the last refuge for many wildlife species. To the south are the rolling farmlands of the Campiña and the vineyards of Montilla-Moriles, where the delicious Pedro Ximenez grape grows. Beyond that is the Sierra Subbetica, with its spectacular landscapes and friendly villages rich in tradition.


The Cordoba Mosque and Jewish Quarter

Extra virgin olive oil from Baena and the Subbetica region

May in the city of Cordoba

The wine region of Montilla-Moriles

Baroque art in Priego de Cordoba

Travel in Cordoba

Cordoba by Bike
Exploring the historical Andalusian city on two wheels.

A Moveable Feast
Sampling anise liqueur and tasty cured ham in Rute.

In Search of Sepharad
Cordoba is rediscovering its multi-cultural roots

A Monument to Fine Wine
Aguilar de la Frontera, in the Campiña of Cordoba, is the source of what is considered the best wine in Spain.

Between the River and the Sierra
A converted monastery-turned-hotel and the unspoiled landscape of a nature park make for an original holiday in western Cordoba.


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