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Nothing stands between you and nature at Andalusia’s first nudist hotel.

With Andalusia’s 540 miles of coastline, it’s only fair that some it of it should be devoted to those who believe the most natural way to enjoy the beach is in the nude. While topless bathing is widely accepted on many beaches in Andalusia, there are a number of specially-designated full nudist beaches in the region, and in Estepona there is a fully-fledged nudist colony, Costa Natura. For nudists from northern Europe, where the climate limits the practice to a few months of the year, the attraction of southern Spain is obvious.

The nudist capital of Andalusia is Vera, on the eastern coast of Almeria, which is the site of southern Spain’s first nudist hotel, the Vera Playa Club, opened ten years ago. Sporting flashy modern design and with 281 rooms, there is nothing to distinguish it from any other southern Spanish hotel, except for one rule: the only thing you’re allowed to wear in the pool area is suntan lotion. Full dress is required in the restaurant, while in other areas of the hotel guests can choose to go clothed or nude as they wish.
The resort has a solid following of nudists from Spain and abroad, and a number of self-catering nudist developments have arisen in the vicinity.

The town Vera also has plenty to offer to the "textiles", aside from the beach. It is a typical whitewashed, friendly village near the northern border of Almeria. One local landmark, and the reason many visitors come here, is the Terraza Carmona, a restaurant which has been feeding hungry travellers for more than half a century (the adjoining hotel opened two decades ago). Run by the third generation of the Carmona family, it has been instrumental in rescuing some of the traditional dishes of the region, such as Gurullos (a type of pasta the size of a grain of rice) with rabbit or Olla de trigo (a flavorful rice stew), both of them dishes whose origins can be traced back to Roman times. Another favorite is Ajo Colorao, which looks like a thick version of gazpacho but in fact is a dish made of skate, tomato, dried pepper and potatoes and seasoned with garlic and cumin.

Vera Playa Club - E-mail: [email protected].

Nearest airport: Almeria (50 miles, 85 kms)


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