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By J.D. Dallet & David Little, Editors, Freelance Spain

The Freelance Spain website was started in August 1999 by Mark Little, an American freelance journalist and editor based in Spain.  When he died in August of 2001 the responsibility passed to us and we have tried to maintain and develop the site with the same enthusiasm which he always showed.

Freelance Spain is primarily aimed at media editors who are seeking contributors living in Spain or specializing in Spanish topics. That, of course, is a very small fraction of the Freelance Spain website's audience, something which we both accept and welcome. The site provides useful information for journalists, businessmen, investors, students and, indeed, anyone with an interest in Spain.

Visitors' Comments

Here is what two visitors had to say about Freelance Spain.

"I am responsible for increasing our coverage of Europe across our family of publications. I came across your site Freelance Spain in my search for freelance writers. I wish there were similar sites for freelancers in other European countries - it's a really great resource!"

"I have been very impressed by the information your website has provided me with during my research for this project [a series for British television]. I posted an advert on your forum board, which has, in turn, put me in touch with more people. I now have a very valuable database of information on the three cities we are covering (Barcelona, Sevilla and Madrid) as well as English-speaking journalists based there."

The Content

Freelance Spain includes:

A Directory of English-speaking journalists based in Spain or specializing in Spain, and international photographers based in Spain.

An ever-increasing selection of background articles on a variety of subjects related to Spain and to  journalism in Spain. I aim to provide a source of quick, reliable reference material for those seeking information about the country.

A links directory listing other websites relating to Spain or some aspect of Spain. There are now thousands of websites with Spanish content, but our list aims to be highly selective, limited to those which I have found to be the most useful to anyone seeking information about the country.

In the beginning...

In 1997, after many years working on the staff of Lookout, an English-language magazine published in Spain, Mark Little switched sides and became a freelance journalist.  At that time he was especially interested in the World Wide Web as a journalistic medium. The Internet was still in its earliest stages in Spain so he was somewhat ahead of the game. Having received the commission to design a website for a client, he had no option but to get to work on his Internet project.

This website is basically an advertisement for the journalists and photographers which Mark Little worked with over a 20-year career as an editor.  So all of them are tried and tested. He also decided to provide links to other websites he considered to be of interest (basically, his own bookmarks), and throw in some background information about Spain.

He kept on adding more articles (and cajoling his colleagues into letting him publish some of theirs), and adding more links, and inviting more journalists and photographers to join the Freelance Spain list, and updating the site more frequently, so he ended up with the kind of page he wished someone else had produced when he was editing a magazine.

Who gets listed

The journalists and photographers featured on Freelance Spain are people who, Mark Little came to like and respect and, more importantly, whose work he knew to be of a high standard and whose reliability was proven. This provides editors who seek information on Spain with the right contacts, covering a broad spectrum of freelance journalism in this country.  Mark's work is now carried on by his son, David.  If you are a journalist or photographer specializing in Spain, if you have a proven track record selling your work to international publications, if you're a professional who delivers the goods and knows what "deadline" means, there's no harm in sending us an e-mail and trying to convince us that the Freelance Spain list is not complete unless you're on it.

Freelances are included following these criteria:
1, experience as a working journalist or photographer, having contributed to international media
2, expert knowledge of Spain, whether you live in Spain or have covered the country extensively
3, you have to be endorsed by at least one of the freelances already listed
4, in the case of writers, you have to be a native English speaker

"Time-Sensitive" Warning

One of the most frustrating experiences when researching a subject on the Internet is to spend hours trying to locate the topic you're interested in, then to strike gold only to find that the page you're looking at was last updated four years ago.

In order to protect visitors to Freelance Spain from Outdated Information Syndrome, we have inserted a "
TIME SENSITIVE" tag at the bottom of those sections which have a limited shelf-life, if they are not refreshed, followed by the last update. Bear this in mind when viewing this website.


Freelance Spain has not actively sought advertising: in fact, the whole site is an advertisement, for Spain's finest freelancers in English. That doesn't mean we wouldn't love to hear from potential advertisers or sponsors who want to reach Freelance Spain's international audience of journalists, editors, businessmen, students, professionals and just about anyone, anywhere with an interest in Spain.

One last favor

If you've enjoyed your visit to Freelance Spain, if you have found it useful and interesting, it would be great to hear from you. It would also be useful to hear any criticisms or suggestions.

It would be even better if you think this website is good enough to recommend to your friends and colleagues. Please send them an email. I'll make it even easier - just click on the button below. Thanks!

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