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Spain, where lunch lasts all day
     by Vicky Hayward

A stroll - Around Spain's olive groves
     by Vicky Hayward

Looking for Dulcinea
by Janet Mendel

Four-hundred years after Don Quixote went looking for his ladyship, Dulcinea, in the town of El Toboso in La Mancha, I followed in his footsteps. While I never found “Princess Sweetie-pie”, I found a land rich in history, culture and natural beauty. Add to that Spain’s best cheese-Queso Manchego, many superb wines, and good and simple dishes such as shepherds’ stews. Oh yes, and sweets.
[MORE]        Photos by J.D.Dallet

    Back to the Future: Organic Wines Begin to Take the Prizes
by Janet Mendel

More and more wine connoisseurs are looking beyond quality and value when selecting wines. They are beginning to want wines that are organically produced from ecological vineyards. In 20 years, Spain’s organic wineries have grown from zero to more than 100, with every wine producing region represented. These wines-quite a few of which are available in the United States-carry labels that identify them as wines made from organically-grown grapes.
[MORE]        Photos by J.D.Dallet

    Picasso’s Barber
by Peter Stone 
The mountain town of Buitrago del Lozoya 50 miles north of Madrid is hardly the place you'd expect to find a Picasso museum. Yet it harbours what is probably the most intimate exhibition of the Málaga-born artistic genius's works.
      Heinz Hebeisen   -  Photographer

    How to be a Freelance
  by Nick Inman

Freelance writing and photography doesn't suit everyone and I would only recommend it if you feel you can't live any other way. Having a steady job has lots of advantages even if you have to put up with fixed working hours and a neurotic boss. To freelance successfully you will have to enjoy working by yourself from home and living on a widely fluctuating income. The job description of the average freelance calls for initiative, ideas, motivation, perseverance and luck...

The most extensive image collection of Spain and others Mediterranean countries  

Spend a holiday in a typical Andalusian pueblo

How to be a freelance, by Nick Inman.
So, You Want to Work in Spain. Working as a freelance in Spain sounds glamorous, but please read this before you take the plunge.
Working in Spain
. Legal author David Searl on the rules and regulations.

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Politic Jose Luís Rodríguez Zapatero  - Film director Pedro Almodóvar - Chef Ferran Adria - Journalism  Pedro J. Ramírez - Actor Javier Bardem - Judge Baltasar Garzon - and more

Madrid Scapes
A full-cover guide to historic and charming pueblos in the stunning countryside surrounding Madrid -- with colourful descriptions of each pueblo and details of fiestas, shopping, what to see, where to stay and where to eat, etc. By Peter Stone. MORE
Sunny side up
This book takes you behind the white walls of an Andalusian pueblo and depicts a near-medieval way of life doomed to disappear as the 21 st century hits the village.
By David Baird. MORE

My Kitchen in Spain--225 Authentic Regional Recipes
By Janet Mendel.

You and the Law in Spain

The definitive guide to law for foreigners in Spain. By David Sear. MORE

The Story of Spain
The Story of Spain

By historian and journalist Mark Williams MORE

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Casas de las Viñas
Spend a holiday in a typical Andalusian pueblo.


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