Valencia Travel Guide

Combining the urban feel of Barcelona with the lovely beaches of Ibiza, Valencia is a favorable destination for those who want a balance between a resort town and a cosmopolitan city. The best season to visit Valencia is during springtime. The weather during this period is pleasant and the streets are filled with vibrant energy. Spring is also the time for Fallas de San José, so if you want to take part on this event, better plan your trip accordingly. Valencia is the origin of Spain’s most popular dish, the paella.

Things to Do

Shop for designer brands at the Patriarca Square (Plaza del Patriarca).

Some of the biggest local and international brands like Loewe and LV can be found here, making it a magnet for shopaholics. Aside from the popular luxury brands, the square’s highlight is its charming old school appeal. As a pedestrian place, this is a good spot to get a grasp of the lifestyle of the locals and get to know Valencia better.

Try a hot spring bath.

Hot spring bath is known to be soothing and beneficial to tired and aching muscles. In Valencia, you can indulge in this therapeutic ritual. Book for a hot spring tour and have the most relaxing experience while on a holiday.

Take part in the Fallas Festivity.

For travelers who want to take part in some festivity, a highly recommended event to catch is the Fallas. This is a lively and joyous event that made Valencia popular all over the world. This merriment involves the construction of fallas that would be eventually burned as the highlight of the event. Spain’s popular dish paella is also showcased during this festivity.

Set foot inside the City of Arts and Science.

This structure is one of the most important landmarks in Valencia. This is a stunning complex that is comprised of several distinct portions. It has an IMAX theatre, a planetarium, a science museum, an oceanographic park, and a place for live performances.

Taste Llet merengada.

A great way to beat the heat after a long day of walk and tours is to try Llet merengada. This is a type of ice cream that has a distinct flavor of cinnamon and lemon.

Hang out at the The Barrio del Carmen.

One of the trendiest spots in Valencia is Barrio del Carmen. A walk here is a pleasant day experience. During the evening, this place becomes alive and ready for some nightlife. Here you can find a number of bars and restaurants. There’s also a museum that you can explore in the area.

Explore the local beaches.

Among the city attractions in Valencia are the beaches. A sunny weather and the beach are always a good combination. La Marvarrosa Beach is famous for its light colored sand and relaxing blue waters. It is a recommended stop.

Visit the Valencia Cathedral.

This cathedral is grand and is one of the finest local attractions. The structure is made interesting by a combination of many design elements. Baroque, French Gothic, and Romanesque influences can be seen all throughout the cathedral.

Where to Stay

Hostal al Rincon

An establishment with a history of about four centuries, this is a great place to stay for those who’d want a parking space and a reliable internet connection.

Rooms DeLuxe

Guests who’d like distinct accommodations that are easy on the pocket will not be disappointed with Rooms DeLuxe. With 28 rooms all decorated in a unique way, this establishment can be found near the City of Arts and Sciences.

Barceló Valencia

A good hotel with a nice location and spacious rooms is Barceló Valencia. This also has impressive business rooms so it’s ideal for corporate travelers. With 187 well appointed rooms, this 4-star hotel is among the comfortable hotels in Valencia. Barceló Valencia has its own spa and is famous for its therapeutic body treatments like a sauna, a chocolate spa, as well as different kinds of massages.

The Westin Valencia

For those who are looking for something that is close to the city center but has a more serene location, there is Westin Valencia. One of the finest hotels available in the area, this is a great place to stay for those who only want the best accommodations. The Royal Suite showcases an open terrace and the most elegant and stylish furnishings.

Where to Eat

La Cantinella

Guests who are craving for Italian favorites will love the dining scene at La Cantinella. The menu is comprised of authentic Italian dishes. The swordfish carpagio is highly recommended.

Comer Beber Amar

A Spanish restaurant that serves yummy breakfast and brunch treats and is also available for late night dining, is Comer Beber Amar. The place’s specialty is the sardines. The service here is good and the ambience is really nice.

Ricard Camarena Restaurant

A restaurant with stylish interiors and amazing food is the Ricard Camarena Restaurant. One of the must-tries is the smoked tuna. It is a delicate but really flavorful dish that you will surely love.

La Mar

For a taste of delicious seafood dishes, you can’t go wrong with La Mar. The serving portions are satisfactory and the dishes are tasty and perfectly cooked.


Paella lovers should stop by Navarro at least once. This is a dining place that is more on the pricey end but the food is amazing. Among the great buys is the seafood platter.

What to Eat in Valencia

Valencia is the birthplace of paella, so local offerings of this rice and seafood dish are highly recommended. Arròs negre, a rice dish made interesting by squid ink is also a stunner. Those who are craving for something sweet and hot should not miss on the bunyols. These are fried breads that are similar in concept to donuts. They are served hot and are usually dipped in chocolate. Bunyols have a variety that is made from pumpkins. This type is considerably tastier.