Santiago de Compostela Travel Guide

Attracting many visitors annually, Santiago de Compostela is said to be one of Spain’s important medieval destinations. The capital of Galicia, this is believed to be the burial ground of St. James. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famous because of its old city center and its beautiful cathedral. Because it is a small city, you can easily explore this destination by foot. Pilgrims from all over the world visit Santiago de Compostela because of its religious importance.

Santiago de Compostela Attractions

Visit the Galician Museum of Modern Art.

Situated in Puerta del Camino, this museum is a home to several masterpieces by local and international artists. This is a magnet for art enthusiasts as the collection is truly substantial. The museum is set next to the Bonaval Park, which is a great spot to enjoy some peace and quiet after indulging in art.

Take some time at Santiago Cathedral.

An attraction of immense importance, the grand and awe inspiring Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is said to contain the remains of St. James the Great, who is one of Christ’s 12 Apostles. This makes it very popular among Christian devotees. The year 1075 marked the start of construction of this famous cathedral. Its architecture is quite complex and is a good mix of Gothic, Romanesque, and Baroque elements.

Try the pulpo.

The pulpo or the cooked octopus is one of the local delicacies that are famous in Galicia. In Santiago de Compostela, this is among the popular dishes.

Check out the Palacio de Raxoi.

This palace is a prominent landmark in Santiago de Compostela. The structure was completed in 1766 and is a frequented spot in the province. Its Neo-classical design is awe inspiring and its façade is truly admirable. This can be found opposite to the famous cathedral.

Hostal dos Reis Católicos

Hostal dos Reis Católicos is both a historical landmark and an amazing hotel. It is famous for its 4 courtyards and lavish dining areas. This used to be a hospital and is currently one of the provinces notable hotels. Its Plateresque design is definitely unique. For those who are looking for a memorable place to stay for their Santiago vacation, this is a must try. The rooms are big and the breakfast is highly raved about.

Palacio de Xelmírez (Gelmírez Palace)

This 12th century structure and is an example of admirable Romanesque architecture. Among the palace’s highlights is its unique vaulted ceilings.

Where to Stay

Hotel Spa Relais & Chateaux A Quinta da Auga

With a fascinating building that dates back to the 18th century, this is a recommended retreat for guests who are looking for a romantic place to stay. The beautiful flowers, the cozy interiors, and the superb service can elevate any holiday into something truly special. The place offers hammam baths and has a spa that has an extensive menu of therapeutic treatments. Hotel Spa Relais & Chateaux A Quinta da Auga also has facilities for various recreational activities including sailing, fishing, rafting, and many others. It has a high speed internet connection and fully air conditioned rooms.

Casa Rural Os Vilares

This bed and breakfast is a restored farmhouse and is a highly recommended holiday home for those who want a charming accommodation. The breakfast here is superb and is a great way to start the day. This is situated just outside of Santiago but is still accessible. The rooms are clean and are decorated in a homey but stylish manner. Because of its serene atmosphere, it is recommended for the whole family and couples who want a romantic setting for their honeymoon.

Campanas de San Juan

A comfortable establishment that is near to the cathedral is Campanas de San Juan. The owners are highly dedicated to giving the best to their clients. The rooms are well kempt and the overall atmosphere is relaxed and peaceful. This is often referred to as a gem in Santiago. Guests love their hearty breakfast and their robust coffee.

Hotel Pazo de Altamira

Set in a lovely antique building, this hotel offers quality accommodations for a great price. Its location is among its best features. Located at the heart of the city, it is the perfect focal point for exploring every bit of Santiago.

Where to Eat

San Jaime

Located just a few meters away from the cathedral, this is a great venue to have a nice quiet meal with family and friends. The atmosphere here is really admirable and the food is good. Guests come here for the seafood and fish stew.


A nice coffee shop that serves great breakfast and hot beverages is Tertulia. This is very popular among the locals so the quality of what they offer speaks for itself. Tertulia is a good hangout place where you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or a soothing warm cup of tea.

Restaurante Petiscos

For mouthwatering dishes with true Mediterranean touch, this is the restaurant to head to. Their grilled ox is really good, as well as their Iberian pork tenderloin. Their panna cotta and chocolate mousse are also recommended. Other must tries are their grilled sea bass and grilled cod.