Cordoba Travel Guide

A province in Southern Spain that is famous because of the Great Mosque, as well as its elegant white villages, is Cordoba. Because of its colorful history, it was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This destination is well loved by art lovers, history enthusiasts, and those who are plain curious about Spain’s rich cultural heritage. The great thing about being in Cordoba is that most of its attractions can be explored on foot.

Things to Do

Check out the Mezquita.

A structure that dates back to the 10th century, the Mezquita symbolizes religious transition and what used to be designed as a mosque is now a cathedral. The interior of the Mezquita is a fascinating wonder, with elaborate workmanship that beautifully showcases Islamic elements of design. This place can be visited all year round.

Admire the elegance of Palacio de Viana.

Famous for its 12 lovely patios, this lovely palace is as grand as can be. It is a 6500 square meter structure with a Renaissance concept. It is a National Monument with a fascinating garden and beautiful rooms. During Wednesdays, guests can visit for free after 2 pm.

Visit the famous Alcazar.

This used to be a home of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon and was built during the medieval times. Among its highlights are the Roman Mosaics as well as the stunning garden. The palace is a beautiful well made structure and its garden is definitely one of the most relaxing places in Cordoba.

Explore the Jewish Quarter.

The narrow lanes of the Jewish Quarter are a great place to enjoy a leisurely stroll and discover Cordoba better. This place is rich in history and tells so much about Cordoba’s past. The Moorish influences are very obvious here.

See the Roman Bridge.

For 20 centuries, this is the only bridge in Cordoba. It was built by the Romans and was restored to its original state only recently. This is located in the Historic Center of Cordoba. From here, one can easily see the Cordoba’s famous Cathedral-Mosque.

Take a daring peek at the Galeria de  la Tortura

Torture had been a strong part of Spanish rule and in this place one can see some of the elements used in this morbid procedure.

Take a walk along Plaza de la Corredera.

This is a 17th century plaza that has been a witness to various spectacles and events such as bull fighting and Inquisition burning.  Currently, the square is a home to various bars, pubs, shops, and restaurants.

Be in time for the carnaval.

The carnaval is one of Cordoba’s famous festivities. If you want to take part in this event, be sure to visit around February to March.

Breathe some fresh air at Paseo de la Victoria.

This place in Cordoba has a tranquil garden where you can spend your late afternoons. This is a great venue to read a book, go people watching, and have some peace and quiet.

Where to Stay

Balcon de Cordoba

Without a doubt one of the most lavish local hotels available, Balcon de Cordoba is a comforting place to stay while on your vacation. The hotel is so stylish yet homey that it doesn’t feel like your average hotel. The rooms are very pleasant, clean, and spacious. Harmonious neutral colors are used in the living spaces, creating a cozy and laidback atmosphere underlined with luxury.

Senses & Colours Seneca

An affordable place to stay in Cordoba with Wi-Fi and a kitchen is Senses & Colours Seneca. This is ideal for backpackers and families who want to be able to prepare their own meals. This is a homey hostel and is known for its clean rooms.

The Terrace Backpackers

Another wallet friendly option when it comes to accommodations is the Terrace Backpackers. Found in the historic center of the city, this has a favorable location and boasts impressive views of the Mezquita. The rooms are pretty basic but have a homey touch. This establishment has 24 hour security and reception, laundry facilities, and kitchen facilities.

Hotel Hospes Palacio del Bailío

Known as the only 5 star accommodation in the city, this is for guests who only want the best and finest for their vacation in Cordoba. The structure is a 16th century palace so it has a natural grand and majestic feel to it. This is a boutique style hotel that has its own swimming pool and a therapeutic spa. This is an idyllic place to unwind in Cordoba and is so romantic that it is highly recommended for couples who are in the city for their honeymoon.

Where to Eat

Restaurante Pizzaiolo

Italian food lovers will love to dine at the Restaurante Pizzaiolo. The prices of the dishes are quite good and the menu is highly varied. This is a must try for those who can’t get enough of Italian specialties.

Casa Rubio

For a taste of local offerings at an affordable price, Casa Rubio is the place to try. This has a good location and has the most accommodating staffs. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is very pleasant indeed. Their tapas are phenomenal, making you come back again and again.

El Choto

Another place to sample great local tapas is at El Choto. While here, don’t miss out on the famous oxtail. The place is romantic and is highly recommended for a family dinner or a date.

El Caballo Rojo

For a taste of something traditional, this restaurant is certainly something you should not miss. The mix of classic Spanish with Arab flavors is very much reflected here. Among the specialty of the house is the yummy gazpacho.

Bodegas Campos

Another dining place where the food is quite exceptional is at the Bodegas Campos. This is famous for its historical building and classic local menu.