Bilbao Travel Guide

Home to the famous Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao is another popular destination in the Basque region of Spain. This is a charming metropolis surrounded by fertile soil, dense forests, and beautiful beaches. A mix of the traditional and the modern, Bilbao is the dream destination for any avid traveler. What used to be an industrial town is now one of the most well loved art destinations in the world.

Things to Do

Spend time at the Museo Guggenheim.

This has been attracting visitors from all over the world since it opened in 1997.  This is very much admired for its inspired and edgy architecture and truly is a popular symbol of Bilbao. This contains relevant works by Spanish and international artists.

Relax at the Doña Casilda Iturrizar Park.

A public park in Bilbao, this is a quiet place where one can go people watching, breathe fresh air, and simply sit while enjoying the calming surroundings. This is frequented by locals and tourists alike and is a great spot to get in touch with nature while in Bilbao. The park is a home to many sculptures and monuments and even has a merry-go-round.

Stop by the Chavarri Palace.

This can be found at the Moyua Square and is famous for its Flemish design.

Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

Another Bilbao attraction for the artsy types is the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum. This contains a number of historical paintings and collections of cultural importance. Located about a couple of blocks from the Guggenheim Museum, this is also a place to head to if you are a fan of religious art.

See the Teatro Arriaga

Famous for its Neo-Baroque style, this structure was built in 1890. It was created by the same architect who worked on the City Hall of Bilbao. The place has a capacity for 1500 people and is a popular venue for various local live performances.

Get to know Plaza Nueva.

This Neoclassical square was built in 1821. Just like most local squares, this is a good place to relax, do some reading, and grasp the pace of the locals’ lifestyle.

Admire the tallest building in Basque.

The Iberdrola Tower is a skyscraper with 40 floors and has a height of 165 meters. This is worth a visit.

Be in awe of the grandeur of Biscay Foral Delegation Palace.

Built by Luis Aladren, this is a mansion that is located in Ensanche. This represents the executive branch of the Government of Biscay.

Where to Stay

Bilbao City Rooms

This is just 3 minutes away from the Guggenheim Museum and features modern and comfortable accommodations. It also offers an internet access. The rates are pretty good, making this a nice option for those who are looking for quality rooms for a great price. The staffs are friendly. However, the place has no air conditioning.

Meliá Bilbao

Meliá Bilbao is known for its luxurious accommodations and great accessibility. The rooms are air conditioned and the hotel has a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a restaurant. This is within the vicinity of some of Bilbao’s notable attractions so it is recommended for first timers and those who are in Bilbao for business. The English speaking staffs make communication a lot easier.

Hotel Carlton

A highly recommended hotel for those who are after maximum comfort is Hotel Carlton. This establishment is a known city landmark and is an impressive place to stay while in Bilbao. The interiors are exceptional and every room is filled with modern amenities and is decorated in style. All the rooms have a private bathroom and are air conditioned. The hotel’s restaurant serves delectable meals and a filling breakfast.

Arriaga Apartments

Set next to the Arriaga Theatre is Arriaga Apartments. This is for travelers who want apartment style accommodations, where they can prepare their own meals and have better privacy. At the site, the apartments have their own kitchen and TV. A bath, washing machine, and dishwasher are also available.


This is located in central Bilbao and offers nice breakfast. Abando’s rooms are air conditioned and have internet connection. The site is also pretty close to the train station. Abando also offers Turkish baths, which is recommended for those who would like to try this relaxing ritual. The nice part is that the staff also speaks English.

Where to Eat


A contemporary restaurant that serves authentic Basque dishes is Zortziko. Among the hits in this dining place is the roasted baby squid. The dining room is modern and has a relaxed atmosphere.


Regarded as one of the finest restaurants in the area, in Bermeo you can expect really great food. This can be found at Hotel Ercilla and is another place to sample really good local cuisine. The European lobster is top notch.

Restaurante Mina

This is a fancy dining place in the city and is on the pricier end. However, if you love exceptional food, impressive surroundings, and world class presentation, every cent you’ll spend here will be worth it. It is a bearer of a Michelin star and has a beautiful location.

Sumo Restaurant

Guests who are craving for something else other than Basque cuisine can try it at Sumo. This is a popular Japanese themed restaurant in the city. Food is quite affordable and if you are craving for sushi, this makes a really nice choice. It’s a pretty basic Japanese restaurant but they serve very good sushi.

Cork Restaurant

People who want to eat some tapas should try Cork Restaurant. This is also a great option for wine lovers as you can get it here at a good price.