Spain Travel Guide

Considered to be among the loveliest countries in the Mediterranean, Spain is a popular destination among avid travelers. With relaxing coastlines, majestic mountains, imposing cathedrals and beautiful mosques, there are so many reasons why Spain should be in your list of must see places. A romantic country that is known for its great food, colorful history, and very warm people, a visit here will be a memorable treat that you’d sure want to experience again and again.

Spain’s Popular Destinations


This is the place to head to if you are an art lover. It is also the destination for those who want to get a glimpse of Spain’s urban side. Home of the Prado Museum, this is a treasure box for any art enthusiast.

South Coast

The country’s south coast is without a doubt a hit among beach lovers. The energizing sunny weather is perfect for a beach honeymoon or a family vacation spent outdoors.


Considered to be Spain’s second city, this is the Catalan capital and is famous for its amazing culture and exciting nightlife.


Known as the country’s party den, this is a Balearic island that is a favorite among nightlife and beach lovers from all over the world. Ibiza is a home to Spain’s best night clubs, sunsets, and beautiful countryside.


Home of the flamenco, Seville is famous for its vibrant culture and is a beautiful city where one can find one of the world’s largest cathedrals—-Cathedral de Santa Maria de la Sede or Cathedral of Seville.


Famous for its North African culture, this is where one can find the Alhambra Palace.

Things to Do in Spain

Spain is such an exciting place to explore. On your visit, here are some of the things that you can do.

See a bullfight.

Bullfighting is a strong part of the Spanish culture and is something that you should not miss while here. April to September is known to as the bullfighting season and is an ideal period to witness this one of a kind spectacle.

Enjoy rounds of tapas.

Spanish cuisine won’t be what it is without tapas. The great thing about tapas is their variety and versatility. They can be eaten as snacks or appetizers. In addition, one can choose between hot or cold tapas. In the country, it is not uncommon to find locals eating a wide array of tapas as their full meal.

Admire the amazing architecture.

Spanish architecture is a force to be reckoned with and is admired globally. The distinct Spanish flair can be seen in many of the country’s cathedrals, palaces, and museums.

Set foot inside a cathedral.

Being predominantly a Catholic country for many centuries, Spain has some of the world’s most beautiful and oldest cathedrals. There’s the Barcelona Cathedral, Granada Cathedral, and Almeria Cathedral to name a few.

Visit the beach.

The sunny Mediterranean weather is the best excuse to see some of Spain’s most popular beaches. With a coastline that stretches up to 5000 miles, the blue waters of Spain are alluring and are a magnet for tourists. The La Concha Beach in San Sebastian is a must see.

See the famous Alhambra in Granada.

Considered to be one of the best attractions in the country, Alhambra should be among your Spain’s must stops. Its rich history and amazing architecture makes it a popular tourist attraction. Visit this in December if you want to avoid the crowd.

Try flamenco.

Rich in emotions, intense, and very entertaining, this folk dance is among Spain’s cultural prides. It is impossible to not be swayed by a passionate flamenco performance—both mentally and emotionally. The body movements, the music, and the colorful costumes all combine to create a huge visual and auditory impact.

Feel the excitement in Ibiza.

Boasting about 300 days of sunshine, Ibiza is the perfect vacation destination. Aside from the A-listers frequenting this place to party and unwind, here you can enjoy the relaxing blue waters as well as some of the trendiest party venues.

Set foot inside the Guggenheim Museum.

Opened in 1997, this structure is located in Bilbao and is a great place to visit if you love impressive architecture and are fascinated with art.

Join the La Tomatina.

If you are in Spain to try something new and fun, be sure to visit in time for the biggest food fight in the country—La Tomatina. This is a weeklong festival with lots of great music, tasty food, and parades. The highlight is the throwing of overripe tomatoes and seeing everyone get down and dirty with the red mush.

Practical Information and Spain Travel Tips

Spain is a fascinating destination with a lot of things to offer its guests. While here, be aware that most establishments are closed in time for siesta. Meaning, if you have any kind of business, better attend to it early in the day. A good travel tip is to avoid the trains as they can be expensive. When you want to explore the country, it is best to stick to the buses which are considerably more affordable. Getting a city pass can save you a lot of money if you plan to check out a lot of the local attractions.

Local Dishes to Try

Among the best things about being in Spain is that you can easily fall in love with their culinary delights. Aside from the tapas, the country is famous for paella, chorizo, Manchego cheese, and empanadas. The Serrano ham is also among the popular local delicacies and is cured meat at its finest.

Where to Stay in Spain

In Spain, you have a wide variety of choices when it comes to accommodations. For the adventurous types, camping is your cheapest option and is a great way to explore and be familiar with the country’s outdoors. Also, there are apartments that you can rent as well as hostels that you can consider for your stay. A homier option is the casa rural or the so-called bed and breakfast.




Bilbao Travel Guide

Home to the famous Guggenheim Museum, Bilbao is another popular destination in the Basque region of Spain. This is a charming metropolis surrounded by fertile soil, dense forests, and beautiful beaches. A mix of the traditional and the modern, Bilbao is the dream destination for any avid traveler. What used to be an industrial town is now one of the most well loved art destinations in the world.

Things to Do

Spend time at the Museo Guggenheim.

This has been attracting visitors from all over the world since it opened in 1997.  This is very much admired for its inspired and edgy architecture and truly is a popular symbol of Bilbao. This contains relevant works by Spanish and international artists.

Relax at the Doña Casilda Iturrizar Park.

A public park in Bilbao, this is a quiet place where one can go people watching, breathe fresh air, and simply sit while enjoying the calming surroundings. This is frequented by locals and tourists alike and is a great spot to get in touch with nature while in Bilbao. The park is a home to many sculptures and monuments and even has a merry-go-round.

Stop by the Chavarri Palace.

This can be found at the Moyua Square and is famous for its Flemish design.

Bilbao Fine Arts Museum

Another Bilbao attraction for the artsy types is the Bilbao Fine Arts Museum. This contains a number of historical paintings and collections of cultural importance. Located about a couple of blocks from the Guggenheim Museum, this is also a place to head to if you are a fan of religious art.

See the Teatro Arriaga

Famous for its Neo-Baroque style, this structure was built in 1890. It was created by the same architect who worked on the City Hall of Bilbao. The place has a capacity for 1500 people and is a popular venue for various local live performances.

Get to know Plaza Nueva.

This Neoclassical square was built in 1821. Just like most local squares, this is a good place to relax, do some reading, and grasp the pace of the locals’ lifestyle.

Admire the tallest building in Basque.

The Iberdrola Tower is a skyscraper with 40 floors and has a height of 165 meters. This is worth a visit.

Be in awe of the grandeur of Biscay Foral Delegation Palace.

Built by Luis Aladren, this is a mansion that is located in Ensanche. This represents the executive branch of the Government of Biscay.

Where to Stay

Bilbao City Rooms

This is just 3 minutes away from the Guggenheim Museum and features modern and comfortable accommodations. It also offers an internet access. The rates are pretty good, making this a nice option for those who are looking for quality rooms for a great price. The staffs are friendly. However, the place has no air conditioning.

Meliá Bilbao

Meliá Bilbao is known for its luxurious accommodations and great accessibility. The rooms are air conditioned and the hotel has a swimming pool, a fitness center, and a restaurant. This is within the vicinity of some of Bilbao’s notable attractions so it is recommended for first timers and those who are in Bilbao for business. The English speaking staffs make communication a lot easier.

Hotel Carlton

A highly recommended hotel for those who are after maximum comfort is Hotel Carlton. This establishment is a known city landmark and is an impressive place to stay while in Bilbao. The interiors are exceptional and every room is filled with modern amenities and is decorated in style. All the rooms have a private bathroom and are air conditioned. The hotel’s restaurant serves delectable meals and a filling breakfast.

Arriaga Apartments

Set next to the Arriaga Theatre is Arriaga Apartments. This is for travelers who want apartment style accommodations, where they can prepare their own meals and have better privacy. At the site, the apartments have their own kitchen and TV. A bath, washing machine, and dishwasher are also available.


This is located in central Bilbao and offers nice breakfast. Abando’s rooms are air conditioned and have internet connection. The site is also pretty close to the train station. Abando also offers Turkish baths, which is recommended for those who would like to try this relaxing ritual. The nice part is that the staff also speaks English.

Where to Eat


A contemporary restaurant that serves authentic Basque dishes is Zortziko. Among the hits in this dining place is the roasted baby squid. The dining room is modern and has a relaxed atmosphere.


Regarded as one of the finest restaurants in the area, in Bermeo you can expect really great food. This can be found at Hotel Ercilla and is another place to sample really good local cuisine. The European lobster is top notch.

Restaurante Mina

This is a fancy dining place in the city and is on the pricier end. However, if you love exceptional food, impressive surroundings, and world class presentation, every cent you’ll spend here will be worth it. It is a bearer of a Michelin star and has a beautiful location.

Sumo Restaurant

Guests who are craving for something else other than Basque cuisine can try it at Sumo. This is a popular Japanese themed restaurant in the city. Food is quite affordable and if you are craving for sushi, this makes a really nice choice. It’s a pretty basic Japanese restaurant but they serve very good sushi.

Cork Restaurant

People who want to eat some tapas should try Cork Restaurant. This is also a great option for wine lovers as you can get it here at a good price.

Santiago de Compostela Travel Guide

Attracting many visitors annually, Santiago de Compostela is said to be one of Spain’s important medieval destinations. The capital of Galicia, this is believed to be the burial ground of St. James. It is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is famous because of its old city center and its beautiful cathedral. Because it is a small city, you can easily explore this destination by foot. Pilgrims from all over the world visit Santiago de Compostela because of its religious importance.

Santiago de Compostela Attractions

Visit the Galician Museum of Modern Art.

Situated in Puerta del Camino, this museum is a home to several masterpieces by local and international artists. This is a magnet for art enthusiasts as the collection is truly substantial. The museum is set next to the Bonaval Park, which is a great spot to enjoy some peace and quiet after indulging in art.

Take some time at Santiago Cathedral.

An attraction of immense importance, the grand and awe inspiring Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela is said to contain the remains of St. James the Great, who is one of Christ’s 12 Apostles. This makes it very popular among Christian devotees. The year 1075 marked the start of construction of this famous cathedral. Its architecture is quite complex and is a good mix of Gothic, Romanesque, and Baroque elements.

Try the pulpo.

The pulpo or the cooked octopus is one of the local delicacies that are famous in Galicia. In Santiago de Compostela, this is among the popular dishes.

Check out the Palacio de Raxoi.

This palace is a prominent landmark in Santiago de Compostela. The structure was completed in 1766 and is a frequented spot in the province. Its Neo-classical design is awe inspiring and its façade is truly admirable. This can be found opposite to the famous cathedral.

Hostal dos Reis Católicos

Hostal dos Reis Católicos is both a historical landmark and an amazing hotel. It is famous for its 4 courtyards and lavish dining areas. This used to be a hospital and is currently one of the provinces notable hotels. Its Plateresque design is definitely unique. For those who are looking for a memorable place to stay for their Santiago vacation, this is a must try. The rooms are big and the breakfast is highly raved about.

Palacio de Xelmírez (Gelmírez Palace)

This 12th century structure and is an example of admirable Romanesque architecture. Among the palace’s highlights is its unique vaulted ceilings.

Where to Stay

Hotel Spa Relais & Chateaux A Quinta da Auga

With a fascinating building that dates back to the 18th century, this is a recommended retreat for guests who are looking for a romantic place to stay. The beautiful flowers, the cozy interiors, and the superb service can elevate any holiday into something truly special. The place offers hammam baths and has a spa that has an extensive menu of therapeutic treatments. Hotel Spa Relais & Chateaux A Quinta da Auga also has facilities for various recreational activities including sailing, fishing, rafting, and many others. It has a high speed internet connection and fully air conditioned rooms.

Casa Rural Os Vilares

This bed and breakfast is a restored farmhouse and is a highly recommended holiday home for those who want a charming accommodation. The breakfast here is superb and is a great way to start the day. This is situated just outside of Santiago but is still accessible. The rooms are clean and are decorated in a homey but stylish manner. Because of its serene atmosphere, it is recommended for the whole family and couples who want a romantic setting for their honeymoon.

Campanas de San Juan

A comfortable establishment that is near to the cathedral is Campanas de San Juan. The owners are highly dedicated to giving the best to their clients. The rooms are well kempt and the overall atmosphere is relaxed and peaceful. This is often referred to as a gem in Santiago. Guests love their hearty breakfast and their robust coffee.

Hotel Pazo de Altamira

Set in a lovely antique building, this hotel offers quality accommodations for a great price. Its location is among its best features. Located at the heart of the city, it is the perfect focal point for exploring every bit of Santiago.

Where to Eat

San Jaime

Located just a few meters away from the cathedral, this is a great venue to have a nice quiet meal with family and friends. The atmosphere here is really admirable and the food is good. Guests come here for the seafood and fish stew.


A nice coffee shop that serves great breakfast and hot beverages is Tertulia. This is very popular among the locals so the quality of what they offer speaks for itself. Tertulia is a good hangout place where you can enjoy a fresh cup of coffee or a soothing warm cup of tea.

Restaurante Petiscos

For mouthwatering dishes with true Mediterranean touch, this is the restaurant to head to. Their grilled ox is really good, as well as their Iberian pork tenderloin. Their panna cotta and chocolate mousse are also recommended. Other must tries are their grilled sea bass and grilled cod.

Toledo Travel Guide

Located in Central Spain, Toledo is currently one of the most frequented destinations in the country. Before the seat of Royal Empire was moved to Madrid, Toledo was the center of Spanish power. A UNESCO World Heritage, Toledo is far from boring as it is rich in cultural elements and has plenty of beautiful structures that are worth seeing.

Things to Do

Check out the best views of the city.

The bell tower of the Cathedral of Toledo is the best vantage point if you want to get a great view of the entire city. This cathedral is one of Toledo’s main landmarks and is an example of the grandeur of Gothic architecture.

Sample the mazapán.

One of the things Toledo is famous for is the mazapán. This is a very famous almond based delicacy that you should not miss.

Buy an authentic conquistador sword.

The ultimate Toledo souvenir is a sword. You can get it locally for about $300 including shipping. A beautiful handcrafted piece will surely always remind you of your Spanish holiday.

Check out Puente de San Martin.

This was completed in the 14th century and is one of Toledo’s historical landmarks. At each end of the bridge, is a defensive tower. The views from here are amazing as well.

Explore Museo El Greco.

Art lovers should definitely stop by this museum and see the paintings of El Greco. Among the highlights of the museum are “Christ with the Apostles” and “Crowning with Thorns”.

Stop by the Alcazar.

Set on the highest hill in Toledo is the Alcazar. It was a project of Carlos V and was designed to be the Royal Residence. Construction of the building started during the Renaissance Period. Since it was built, it served many uses. It was used as military barracks and a Crown prison. It also suffered many fires.

Where to Stay

Youth Hostel Los Pascuales

An affordable hostel that is close to Toledo’s main sights is Youth Hostel Los Pascuales. This place is highly secure and is situated in a peaceful neighborhood. The hostel has a relaxing courtyard and offers a reliable internet connection. All the rooms have an air conditioning unit and safe boxes.

Hesperia Toledo Hotel

A 4-star hotel in the city, this is famous for its avant-garde concept. Its idyllic location that is mere 500 meters away from the city center makes it a popular choice among first timers and business travelers who want a convenient place to stay. The hotel offers convenient parking and has 54 stylish rooms. Hesperia Toledo Hotel has a business center, 24 hour reception, and a filling buffet breakfast.

Eurostars Palacio Buenavista

This used to be Hilton Buenavista Toledo. An impressive hotel that is known for its well trained and very friendly staffs, Eurostars Palacio Buenavista is the perfect place to stay while in Toledo for a holiday. While it is not that near the city center, it offers high quality accommodations and is located at a great neighborhood. This has spa facilities and a high speed internet access. Every living space offered at the hotel is luxurious, with emphasis on elegant decors and neutral colors. The views are amazing as well.

Hotel Santa Isabel

Boasting a 15th century building, this offers satisfactory air conditioned accommodations. Just a couple of minutes away from Toledo’s Cathedral, this hotel has reasonable rates and clean rooms. The accommodating staffs are commendable as well.

Beatriz Toledo Auditorium & Spa

Less than 10 minutes away from the city proper, this hotel in Toledo is well loved by its patrons. It has a magnificent garden and has a nice pool. All the bedrooms have their own private terrace for a romantic touch. This is only 45 minutes away from Madrid, which is great for travelers who want to explore this busy city in Spain. Beatriz Toledo Auditorium & Spa has a spacious and modern function rooms, a spa, and a cafeteria. It also has a kid’s club to keep the little ones happy and entertained.

Where to Eat

Restaurante La Bastida

A dining place with a romantic ambience and great choice of Mediterranean dishes is Restaurante La Bastida. The dishes are phenomenal and offer great value for money. Among their best offerings is the burrito del pollo.

Jacinta & Maria Chocolates Restaurant

Dessert lovers should definitely stop by this restaurant. This is famous for its sweet treats and if you happen to have a sweet tooth, you will love this place tremendously. Their marzipan is amazing. Another winner is the chocolate and mango ice cream.

Cafeteria Dragos

For a taste of classic Spanish cuisine, you can try Cafeteria Dragos. Among their popular dishes are salmon steak, deer with chocolate sauce, and their veal steak.

Restaurante Asador Palencia de Lara

Another amazing dining place in Toledo is Restaurante Asador Palencia de Lara. The restaurant has a wide selection of tapas and has really great tasting callos.

Comercio 38

A great venue for breakfast is Comercio 38. This is famous for its coffee and croissants. This place is a hit among working locals.

Cordoba Travel Guide

A province in Southern Spain that is famous because of the Great Mosque, as well as its elegant white villages, is Cordoba. Because of its colorful history, it was made a UNESCO World Heritage Site. This destination is well loved by art lovers, history enthusiasts, and those who are plain curious about Spain’s rich cultural heritage. The great thing about being in Cordoba is that most of its attractions can be explored on foot.

Things to Do

Check out the Mezquita.

A structure that dates back to the 10th century, the Mezquita symbolizes religious transition and what used to be designed as a mosque is now a cathedral. The interior of the Mezquita is a fascinating wonder, with elaborate workmanship that beautifully showcases Islamic elements of design. This place can be visited all year round.

Admire the elegance of Palacio de Viana.

Famous for its 12 lovely patios, this lovely palace is as grand as can be. It is a 6500 square meter structure with a Renaissance concept. It is a National Monument with a fascinating garden and beautiful rooms. During Wednesdays, guests can visit for free after 2 pm.

Visit the famous Alcazar.

This used to be a home of Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon and was built during the medieval times. Among its highlights are the Roman Mosaics as well as the stunning garden. The palace is a beautiful well made structure and its garden is definitely one of the most relaxing places in Cordoba.

Explore the Jewish Quarter.

The narrow lanes of the Jewish Quarter are a great place to enjoy a leisurely stroll and discover Cordoba better. This place is rich in history and tells so much about Cordoba’s past. The Moorish influences are very obvious here.

See the Roman Bridge.

For 20 centuries, this is the only bridge in Cordoba. It was built by the Romans and was restored to its original state only recently. This is located in the Historic Center of Cordoba. From here, one can easily see the Cordoba’s famous Cathedral-Mosque.

Take a daring peek at the Galeria de  la Tortura

Torture had been a strong part of Spanish rule and in this place one can see some of the elements used in this morbid procedure.

Take a walk along Plaza de la Corredera.

This is a 17th century plaza that has been a witness to various spectacles and events such as bull fighting and Inquisition burning.  Currently, the square is a home to various bars, pubs, shops, and restaurants.

Be in time for the carnaval.

The carnaval is one of Cordoba’s famous festivities. If you want to take part in this event, be sure to visit around February to March.

Breathe some fresh air at Paseo de la Victoria.

This place in Cordoba has a tranquil garden where you can spend your late afternoons. This is a great venue to read a book, go people watching, and have some peace and quiet.

Where to Stay

Balcon de Cordoba

Without a doubt one of the most lavish local hotels available, Balcon de Cordoba is a comforting place to stay while on your vacation. The hotel is so stylish yet homey that it doesn’t feel like your average hotel. The rooms are very pleasant, clean, and spacious. Harmonious neutral colors are used in the living spaces, creating a cozy and laidback atmosphere underlined with luxury.

Senses & Colours Seneca

An affordable place to stay in Cordoba with Wi-Fi and a kitchen is Senses & Colours Seneca. This is ideal for backpackers and families who want to be able to prepare their own meals. This is a homey hostel and is known for its clean rooms.

The Terrace Backpackers

Another wallet friendly option when it comes to accommodations is the Terrace Backpackers. Found in the historic center of the city, this has a favorable location and boasts impressive views of the Mezquita. The rooms are pretty basic but have a homey touch. This establishment has 24 hour security and reception, laundry facilities, and kitchen facilities.

Hotel Hospes Palacio del Bailío

Known as the only 5 star accommodation in the city, this is for guests who only want the best and finest for their vacation in Cordoba. The structure is a 16th century palace so it has a natural grand and majestic feel to it. This is a boutique style hotel that has its own swimming pool and a therapeutic spa. This is an idyllic place to unwind in Cordoba and is so romantic that it is highly recommended for couples who are in the city for their honeymoon.

Where to Eat

Restaurante Pizzaiolo

Italian food lovers will love to dine at the Restaurante Pizzaiolo. The prices of the dishes are quite good and the menu is highly varied. This is a must try for those who can’t get enough of Italian specialties.

Casa Rubio

For a taste of local offerings at an affordable price, Casa Rubio is the place to try. This has a good location and has the most accommodating staffs. The food is delicious and the atmosphere is very pleasant indeed. Their tapas are phenomenal, making you come back again and again.

El Choto

Another place to sample great local tapas is at El Choto. While here, don’t miss out on the famous oxtail. The place is romantic and is highly recommended for a family dinner or a date.

El Caballo Rojo

For a taste of something traditional, this restaurant is certainly something you should not miss. The mix of classic Spanish with Arab flavors is very much reflected here. Among the specialty of the house is the yummy gazpacho.

Bodegas Campos

Another dining place where the food is quite exceptional is at the Bodegas Campos. This is famous for its historical building and classic local menu.

San Sebastian Travel Guide

One of the most loved destinations in Spain is San Sebastian. Its romantic atmosphere, stunning buildings, and tranquil beaches make a lot of travelers hooked on this small and cozy city. San Sebastian is said to have some of the best beaches in Europe, making it an ideal honeymoon destination and a great holiday venue for fans of water sports such as surfing. Being a Basque city, getting around by bus is fairly easy and convenient. It is affordable as well.

Things to Do

See some of its castles and palaces.

San Sebastian is a home to grand and majestic structures. Among these is the Palacio Miramar. This was built as a vacation home of the Royal Family and is known for its Queen Anne design. Its green lawn and garden make it a really relaxing spot. Another palace worth seeing is Palacio de Aiete. This is famous for its Neo-classical architecture.

Check out of San Sebastian’s cathedrals.

San Sebastian has a number of old cathedrals that are popular among tourists. The Basilica of Santa Maria, which is situated in the city’s Old Town, is the epitome of Baroque style.

Spend some time at the Plaza de Gipuzkoa.

The city is also gifted with several parks where you can indulge in the beauty of nature and go people watching. One of the best ones is the Plaza de Gipuzkoa. This is a romantic park that showcases beautiful flowers and shady trees. The park also boasts a colorful flower clock.

Visit La Concha Beach.

There are many activities that one can do at the La Concha Beach. Aside from taking in the tranquil scenery, there’s swimming, surfing, and eating tapas. This place allows topless swimming and is considered to be among the best beaches in Spain.

Watch Teatro Victoria Eugenia.

One of the city’s refined buildings, this opened in 1912 and is a recommended venue to watch live performances.

See local sports.

The locals of San Sebastian are very passionate about sports, particularly football and basketball. The Anoeta Stadium is a big venue for football games and has a capacity of 32, 000. If you have the time, make sure to visit and watch some game.

Shop for fragrances at the Perfumeria Benegas.

This store has been operating since 1908 and is heaven sent for perfume lovers. Not only does it carry some of the biggest brands in the fragrance world, the store also carries rare niche brands.

Take the whole family at the Monte Igueldo.

For guests who are travelling with kids and are looking for a delightful amusement park that will appeal to the whole family, Monte Igueldo is a wonderful option. Here you can take a relaxing walk, try the rides, and enjoy the views.

Where to Stay

Hotel Maria Cristina

A luxurious hotel for guests who won’t settle for anything less than the best is Hotel Maria Cristina. This hotel has been in business since 1912 and is often admired for its Belle Époque interiors. This hotel has a free Wi-Fi, a fitness center, and a parking space. There are a variety of rooms at Hotel Maria Cristina. All of them are lavish, have modern amenities, and feature unique artworks.

Hotel Mercure Monte Igueldo

A prestigious hotel in San Sebastian is Hotel Mercure Monte Igueldo. With amazing views of La Concha, this is a beautiful home away from home and makes a great venue for a wedding.

Pension Goiko

Right in the center of San Sebastian, this is an accessible hostel that is close to the city’s dining places and beaches. The rooms are simple but homey and clean. The place has internet access and is recommended for lone travelers, couples, and families who want a nice yet affordable place to stay.

Hotel Niza

Located right at the beach, this is a mid-priced hotel with a history that started in 1908. There is a free Wi-Fi access, paid parking, a restaurant, and a multilingual staff at the reception. The rooms have full bathroom facilities, great views, a work table, air conditioning, and a modern TV. The hotel’s restaurant serves a wide array of Spanish favorites and has a charming and laidback ambience.

Urban House Hostel

This is a budget friendly place that is known for its basic rooms and friendly staffs. Urban House Hostel is ideal for those who are looking for an okay place to stay that won’t rip off their pockets. Just a two-minute walk from Old Town, this has a good location and a free Wi-Fi access.

Where to Eat


Guests who are looking for a dining place that serves breakfast and late dinner and snacks, Regatta is highly recommended. This café is known for its sandwiches, yummy pies, and potato based breads.

La Zurri

A restaurant that is a hit among locals and is known for its Basque dishes is La Zurri. The place can be really crowded at times because of its popularity. However, the food is good and the staffs move fast. Most of the people who are dining here are long time customers, so you can be sure that the food is of high quality.


Craving for steaks? Aldanondo is highly recommended. Aside from juicy and perfectly cooked steaks, they also have some really good fish dishes. Its rustic atmosphere and its yummy offerings of comfort food, make it worth trying at least once.

Rojo Y Negro

Want to try some pintxos? Rojo Y Negro is one of the places to do that. The food here is okay and the price is even better. The serving portions won’t leave you disappointed. Here you can get wine for a cheap price.


This restaurant is a fancy place to dine and is considered to be one of the finest restaurants in San Sebastian. The dishes can easily be shared and the menu has enough variety to prevent the dining experience from being boring. The atmosphere is very good and the food is worth it.

Valencia Travel Guide

Combining the urban feel of Barcelona with the lovely beaches of Ibiza, Valencia is a favorable destination for those who want a balance between a resort town and a cosmopolitan city. The best season to visit Valencia is during springtime. The weather during this period is pleasant and the streets are filled with vibrant energy. Spring is also the time for Fallas de San José, so if you want to take part on this event, better plan your trip accordingly. Valencia is the origin of Spain’s most popular dish, the paella.

Things to Do

Shop for designer brands at the Patriarca Square (Plaza del Patriarca).

Some of the biggest local and international brands like Loewe and LV can be found here, making it a magnet for shopaholics. Aside from the popular luxury brands, the square’s highlight is its charming old school appeal. As a pedestrian place, this is a good spot to get a grasp of the lifestyle of the locals and get to know Valencia better.

Try a hot spring bath.

Hot spring bath is known to be soothing and beneficial to tired and aching muscles. In Valencia, you can indulge in this therapeutic ritual. Book for a hot spring tour and have the most relaxing experience while on a holiday.

Take part in the Fallas Festivity.

For travelers who want to take part in some festivity, a highly recommended event to catch is the Fallas. This is a lively and joyous event that made Valencia popular all over the world. This merriment involves the construction of fallas that would be eventually burned as the highlight of the event. Spain’s popular dish paella is also showcased during this festivity.

Set foot inside the City of Arts and Science.

This structure is one of the most important landmarks in Valencia. This is a stunning complex that is comprised of several distinct portions. It has an IMAX theatre, a planetarium, a science museum, an oceanographic park, and a place for live performances.

Taste Llet merengada.

A great way to beat the heat after a long day of walk and tours is to try Llet merengada. This is a type of ice cream that has a distinct flavor of cinnamon and lemon.

Hang out at the The Barrio del Carmen.

One of the trendiest spots in Valencia is Barrio del Carmen. A walk here is a pleasant day experience. During the evening, this place becomes alive and ready for some nightlife. Here you can find a number of bars and restaurants. There’s also a museum that you can explore in the area.

Explore the local beaches.

Among the city attractions in Valencia are the beaches. A sunny weather and the beach are always a good combination. La Marvarrosa Beach is famous for its light colored sand and relaxing blue waters. It is a recommended stop.

Visit the Valencia Cathedral.

This cathedral is grand and is one of the finest local attractions. The structure is made interesting by a combination of many design elements. Baroque, French Gothic, and Romanesque influences can be seen all throughout the cathedral.

Where to Stay

Hostal al Rincon

An establishment with a history of about four centuries, this is a great place to stay for those who’d want a parking space and a reliable internet connection.

Rooms DeLuxe

Guests who’d like distinct accommodations that are easy on the pocket will not be disappointed with Rooms DeLuxe. With 28 rooms all decorated in a unique way, this establishment can be found near the City of Arts and Sciences.

Barceló Valencia

A good hotel with a nice location and spacious rooms is Barceló Valencia. This also has impressive business rooms so it’s ideal for corporate travelers. With 187 well appointed rooms, this 4-star hotel is among the comfortable hotels in Valencia. Barceló Valencia has its own spa and is famous for its therapeutic body treatments like a sauna, a chocolate spa, as well as different kinds of massages.

The Westin Valencia

For those who are looking for something that is close to the city center but has a more serene location, there is Westin Valencia. One of the finest hotels available in the area, this is a great place to stay for those who only want the best accommodations. The Royal Suite showcases an open terrace and the most elegant and stylish furnishings.

Where to Eat

La Cantinella

Guests who are craving for Italian favorites will love the dining scene at La Cantinella. The menu is comprised of authentic Italian dishes. The swordfish carpagio is highly recommended.

Comer Beber Amar

A Spanish restaurant that serves yummy breakfast and brunch treats and is also available for late night dining, is Comer Beber Amar. The place’s specialty is the sardines. The service here is good and the ambience is really nice.

Ricard Camarena Restaurant

A restaurant with stylish interiors and amazing food is the Ricard Camarena Restaurant. One of the must-tries is the smoked tuna. It is a delicate but really flavorful dish that you will surely love.

La Mar

For a taste of delicious seafood dishes, you can’t go wrong with La Mar. The serving portions are satisfactory and the dishes are tasty and perfectly cooked.


Paella lovers should stop by Navarro at least once. This is a dining place that is more on the pricey end but the food is amazing. Among the great buys is the seafood platter.

What to Eat in Valencia

Valencia is the birthplace of paella, so local offerings of this rice and seafood dish are highly recommended. Arròs negre, a rice dish made interesting by squid ink is also a stunner. Those who are craving for something sweet and hot should not miss on the bunyols. These are fried breads that are similar in concept to donuts. They are served hot and are usually dipped in chocolate. Bunyols have a variety that is made from pumpkins. This type is considerably tastier.


Granada Travel Guide

Granada is history and culture packed and is a good option for those who want a Spanish destination that is not that crowded. It is located in the Andalucia region of the country and is known for its sunny but dry weather. Granada is an Islamic city and is the site of the world famous Alhambra. Exploring this on foot is a pleasure although you might easily get confused especially if it is your first time to visit the city since the streets are narrow and winding.

Things to Do in Granada

Head to Alhambra.

Granada’s main attraction is without a doubt the Alhambra. Surrounded by imposing walls, this is both a fortress and a palace, and is one of Spain’s most frequented attractions. This is the seat of power of the Nasrid sultans from 13th to 15th century. Alhambra is famous for its reddish walls and is a result of a combination of construction phases. It is a structure with no specific layout.

Be in awe of the Monasterio de San Jerónimo.

On your visit to Granada, make sure you stop by this beautiful monastery. This structure is famous for is painted interiors and stained glass accents. Its Renaissance architecture and its intricate workmanship make it a sight to behold.

Take the whole family to Sierra Nevada.

Famous as a ski-spot, this is a good family playground in Granada and is recommended for those who want to escape the heat. Children can ride the snowmobile, try horseback riding, or go ice skating.

Try to get some free tapas.

In Granada, you may be able to buy free tapas if you purchase a round of drinks.

Indulge in an Arab bath.

Being a Moorish city, Granada is a good place to try the Hammam or an Arabic bath. This is a soothing ritual and is a nice treat after a long day of sightseeing.

Explore Granada by riding a bike.

With delightful scenery and a varied terrain, riding a bike in Granada is a good way to explore its many attractions and take pleasure in its beautiful outdoors. Riding a bike is an alternative to discovering the province on foot and is a great workout too.

Unwind at Mirador de San Nicolas.

For those who would like to spend a laidback afternoon enjoying wonderful scenery, enchanting views of the Alhambra, and an amazing golden sunset, the best place to head to is the Mirador de San Nicolas. The square is also a good spot to listen to gypsy music.

Try the food selections at Calle Navas.

Calle Navas is a narrow street that has plenty of dining places. For those who want to indulge in sangria and tapas, this is a recommended destination.

Spend some time at the Albaicin.

A gorgeous attraction in Granada is the Albaicin. This is Granada’s old Moorish quarter and is set on a hill that faces the Alhambra Palace. Its narrow streets and distinct architecture make it a joy to explore on foot.

Unwind at the Triunfo Gardens.

This attraction is free and is a relaxing park that is best visited during the evening. It has an illuminated fountain that adds a bit of drama and flair to the place.

See the action at the Plaza de Toros de Granada.

Granada’s famous bull fighting ring, this is a highly recommended place for those who want to see bull fighters live in action.

Beat the heat at Aquaola.

A family attraction in Granada where you can swim at the pool and where kids can enjoy exciting slides is Aquaola. This is highly recommended if you have kids with you as it is a good venue where you can take a refreshing plunge.

Where to Stay in Granada

Saray Hotel

A great value hotel that boasts comfortable rooms is the Saray Hotel. This is just a short distance away from the popular attractions in Granada. This has a pool and is recommended for couples, families, and business travelers.

Casa Cuesta del Agua

Among the best features of this hotel is the free breakfast. It has a quiet courtyard and features a basic kitchen so you can cook your meals while here. Because of its proximity to Alhambra, this is a recommended place to stay for those who will be visiting Granada for the first time.

Hotel Alhambra Palace

An upscale hotel for those who want a luxurious place to stay while in Granada is the Hotel Alhambra Palace. With a royal architecture and amazing views of Alhambra, this hotel is accessible and romantic. The rooms are beautifully furnished and the hotel amenities are impressive. A stay here is definitely an experience that you and your company will enjoy.

Abades Nevada Palace

A mid priced hotel with a swimming pool is the Abades Nevada Palace. The hotel serves really good breakfast and has parking spaces. With spacious rooms and great service, this is recommended for the whole family. It has modern showers too and fantastic views.

Where to Eat in Granada

El Pescador

For great seafood tapas, this restaurant is highly recommended. It offers delicious food at reasonable prices.

Los Diamantes

Interested in free tapas? Visit this white tiled restaurant. This place is known for their seafood and tempura aubergine that are both addictive.

Jardines de Zoraya

A restaurant that showcases flamenco dancing, this restaurant is famous for its good food and cozy ambience. The food and wine here are often raved about, so it is definitely a must try.


Those who are craving something different, you can head to Arrayanes. This is a Moroccan themed restaurant.This can be found at the middle of Albayzín.

Café Fútbol

Craving for tapas and something sweet? Head to Café Fútbol. The tapas here are impressive and come in satisfactory portion sizes. One of the best things to try here is the churros with chocolate. The combination is simply heavenly. You will surely come back for more. Among their bestsellers are paella and their breakfast selections.

Seville Travel Guide

Andalucia’s premier destination, Seville is another hit among travelers who visit Spain. This is Southern Spain’s financial and cultural hub. It is also a university town and a very popular destination among students. Seville, like most places in Spain, is known for its refined architecture and ancient cathedrals. This city is very much alive and is a magnet for travelers since it is tourist friendly and has so much to offer in terms of attractions.


Getting around Seville is easy as one can choose among a variety of transportation modes. Riding a bus is the easiest and cheapest way to get around the city. Getting a Bonobus pass is a great way to save on your transportation cost. Riding a bike is also a convenient means to get around Seville. Aside from these two, you can also choose to go on a cruise, ride a carriage, or hop on the metro. For those who like a more convenient and a private ride, you can opt to rent a car.

Things to Do

See artworks at Museo de Bellas Artes.

If you love fine art, a city attraction that you must visit is the Museo de Bellas Artes. This is situated in Macarena and houses an impressive collection that can be traced back to the Gothic Period. Entrance fee is cheap and the museum is a great place to indulge the art lover in you.

Admire the Metropol Parasol.

A grand wooden structure located at the Plaza de la Encarnación, this boasts to be the largest wooden structure in the world. The complex is comprised of 6 parasols and is definitely a show stopper. It has four levels and houses an open air plaza, an antiquarium, and a restaurant.

Visit the Royal Alcazar.

This is the city’s Royal Palace and was built in 1364. Royal Alcazar is famous for its elaborate structure, lavish interiors, and soothing gardens. Its Moorish architecture makes it a standout and worth visiting. This palace is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is the oldest royal palace in Europe.

Stop by the Seville Cathedral.

This cathedral is the world’s third largest church and is made famous by its Gothic architecture. Completed in the 16th century, this is the place where Christopher Columbus is buried. The interior of the Seville Cathedral is elaborate and is a place to showcase the wealth of Seville. Among the cathedral’s highlights is its bell tower, which is known as the Giralda.

Enjoy some peace and quiet at Parque de Maria Luisa.

Guests who enjoy greenery and quiet natural surroundings will love it at the Parque de Maria Luisa. This is a romantic park with benches, fountains, and ponds.

Be in awe of the Plaza de España.

An attraction that can be found inside Parque de Maria Luisa is Plaza de España. This is an amazing building that features a neo-Moorish design combined with Renaissance elements. The plaza has been featured in a number of movies such as Star Wars.

Where to Stay

Hotel Alfonso XIII

Completed in 1929, Hotel Alfonso XIII is located at the heart of Seville and is one of the most prestigious hotels available. Seville’s Moorish heritage is showcased perfectly here and every bit of the place oozes with extreme opulence and luxury. While it is on the more expensive end of the spectrum, it is one of the most raved about hotels in Spain. Hotel Alfonso XIII has a number of stay packages to choose from, all giving great value for your money. The Romantic Package with Dinner is most suitable for couples. The hotel has a number of restaurants where you can enjoy mouthwatering dishes and amazing ambience.

Hotel Abril

Those who prefer budget accommodations will not be disappointed with Hotel Abril. This establishment is more traditional and offers free coffee all day long. It is located at the center of Seville. The rates are good and the rooms are clean and comfortable. This is great choice for family holidays and backpackers who are after comfort.

Oasis Backpackers’ Palace Seville

This offers affordable dorm rooms and has a free internet connection. Breakfast here is cheap too, making it a great choice among backpackers who are on a budget.

Hotel Bellavista Sevilla

For those who have a pet with them, a highly recommended place to stay in Seville is the Hotel Bellavista Sevilla. This is located in a peaceful residential area and is ten minutes away from the city proper. It has 24-hour reception, easy internet connectivity, and a café.

B&B Naranjo

Another accommodation that gives a nice bang for your buck is B&B Naranjo. This is a homey bed and breakfast with good rates and free breakfast. It offers Wi-Fi internet connection as well and is air-conditioned.

Where to Eat

La Pepona Tapas Restaurant

This dining place serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch. The menu is Mediterranean and here guests can expect a wide array of tapas. The price point is very good and the staffs are very accommodating.

La Chaparrita Restaurant

Those who are craving for comforting Mexican food will love dining here. It’s a good place to indulge in spicy food and get a taste of authentic Mexican flavors.

La Azotea

Seafood lovers will be very fond of La Azotea. The food is excellent and the ambience is really good. The menu is packed with a wide array of mouthwatering dishes. The coquinas cooked in white wine sauce are superb. Their grilled tuna is also very good. For dessert, be sure to try the warm mango crumble.


For a taste of international cuisine, a restaurant that one should visit in Seville is Sanbers. The prices are reasonable and the variety of the food that they offer means that guests can easily find a favorite, no matter what their preferences are. The tapas here are good. In addition, they also have a nice collection of Mexican dishes.

Madrid Travel Guide

Madrid is Spain’s capital as well as its largest city. Known all over the world because of its fascinating nightlife, it is also a favorite among art lovers because of its impressive artistic heritage and rich culture. The city has a favorable sunny weather most times of the year although it also experiences its share of cold winters as well. April to June and September to October are the recommended periods to visit as the weather during these times is most favorable. Madrid is a home to one of the most famous museums in the world—El Prado Museum. Because Madrid is the seat of the Spanish Empire, the city culture is always attached to the royal history. The city has an abundance of grand structures like cathedrals, palaces, and buildings used by the empire.

Things to Do in Madrid

Considered to be one of Europe’s biggest cosmopolitan cities, guests can expect to see a lot of interesting sights and be able to take part in many fun activities while here. Among them are the following.

See the views at Círculo de Bellas Artes.

For those who want to see some of the best views of the Madrid skyline, the place to do that is at Círculo de Bellas Artes. Its rooftop provides a great vantage point to be able to take in the view of the entire city, from its scenic gardens to its towering buildings. This is also a good spot to relax late in the afternoon while waiting for the sun to set.

Get some bargains at El Rastro.

Travelers who want to locate interesting finds and get lucky with some bargain items should stop by El Rastro. This is an open flea market where you can find a variety of goods from leather items to pottery and jewelry. Make sure that you visit early since the place gets pretty crowded as the day progresses. Also, be aware of pickpockets.

Take a stroll along Puerta del Sol.

Located at the heart of the city, this is probably the most popular area in Madrid. This place has been a venue to a lot of demonstrations and is popular among locals and tourists alike. If you are new in Madrid, Puerta del Sol is a good starting point to get to know the city. Here you can find the famous statue of King Charles III on horseback.

Stop by the Palacio Real.

A visit to Madrid will not be complete without stopping by the Royal Palace of Madrid. This is the official residence of the Royal family and is one of the grandest buildings in the city. The Palace has 3,418 rooms and in terms of floor area, it is the biggest palace in the entire Europe. The Royal Palace is decorated with only the best of materials and is known for its lavish collection of art works.

Get to Know Plaza Mayor.

This famous city square is a must stop for every tourists. This has been a popular spot for bullfights, fairs, coronations, and festivals. Now, it is filled with dining places, shops, and cafes. It is a great place to hang out and be able to get a feel of Madrid.

Take a moment at the Museum Triangle.

Madrid is a home to some of the best museums in the planet and at the Museum Triangle, one can find three of the most popular ones. The Museo del Prado, Thyssen-Bornemisza, and Reina Sofia comprise the triangle. These museums offer entry at specific days and hours, so if you want to save money, just visit during these times. If you want to avoid the crowd however, it is advisable to just pay the fee and be able to really explore the collections at your own pace and with some peace.

Relax at the Royal Botanical Garden.

One of the most relaxing attractions in Madrid, the Royal Botanical Garden is a must see for those who’d like to indulge in the beauty of nature. This can be found at Murillo Square and is conveniently set in front of the famous Prado Museum.

Where to Stay

There are a variety of choices when it comes to where you can stay in Madrid. Here are some suggestions.

Hotel Urban

For those who like it chic and stylish, this hotel is highly recommended. Its art deco interiors and the fact that it is located at the heart of the city make it very appealing to a lot of guests. This is a recommended home away from home for those who like extremely comfortable surroundings and those who are in the mood to splurge. The place has 96 designer rooms and suites and is within the vicinity of some of the city’s most important landmarks. Hotel Urban has a swimming pool, fitness center, trendy bar, and a nice restaurant.

Abracadabra Bed and Breakfast

Just very near the Palacio Real, this B&B is a popular place to stay among those who want a charming and a homey accommodation. The rooms are decorated in warm vibrant colors and all have a nice rustic feel to them.

Sercotel Suites Vienna Madrid

A basic, great value accommodation option is Sercotel Suites Vienna Madrid. This boasts a great location, friendly staff, and comfortable living spaces for those who want good value for money.

Where to Eat

La Corral de la Morería

A romantic restaurant that is famous for its flamenco performances, this can be found next to the Royal Palace. It’s cozy interiors and great food makes it a highly recommended venue for a date.

Casa Labra

Operating since 1860, this is famous for its bacalao.

Home Burger Bar

Those who are craving for burgers but want to avoid the guilt should consider eating at the Home Burger Bar. This place is famous for serving organic food and is a top choice for vegans as well.


For great food without the hefty price tag, you should check out Clarita. This is located in Malasaña and is open from 1:30 pm until 12:00am.


Barcelona Travel Guide

Spain’s second largest city, Barcelona was first placed under the spotlight during the 1992 Olympics. This event did a lot for the city’s tourism and since then, travelers from many parts of the world have become interested to explore this Catalonian capital. Barcelona is a modern city yet remnants of its past remain beautifully preserved and can be seen in its ancient structures. This complex mix of the old and the new adds a unique charm to this destination.

Being a relaxed city, Barcelona has a distinct European flair and can be enjoyed tremendously while walking. It is filled with interesting shops, ancient cathedrals, open markets, and old towns that anyone will surely love to explore. Its warm weather makes it very appealing for guests who would like to escape the chilly winter and spend most of their time outdoor.

Best Time to Visit Barcelona

January to February is a great period to visit the city. While this is winter season, the weather is not that cold and people can still enjoy sunny skies. Plus, during this time the crowd is not that thick so exploring the city is a bliss. The busiest time in Barcelona is the month of August. If you have a flexible holiday schedule, it is recommended that you avoid this time as there are many tourists.

Toddler Friendly City

Barcelona is probably one of the best places to visit if you are travelling with small children. The locals love kids and most of the establishments are oriented towards making toddlers happy. In fact, toddler happiness is a public responsibility in Barcelona and in the whole of Spain, making the city a highly recommended family destination.

Things to See and Do in Barcelona

La Sagrada Família

Definitely one of Barcelona’s tourist magnets is La Sagrada Família. While construction began in 1882, the structure is not yet completed and is projected to be finished in 2041. Designed by top architect Antoní Gaudí, this is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a known city pride.

Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya (MNAC)

Located on Montjuïc hill, this is a recommended attraction for art lovers and is a must see because of its Romanesque church paintings.

La Rambla

Perhaps the most famous street in the city, this is a great place to hang out and go people watching. Located at the heart of the city, this place is busy day in and day out. This is a good place to shop, dine, and admire statues.


Known for its golden fine sand, this is a great place to visit if you love the beach and you want to have a tranquil afternoon.

Gothic Quarter

Walking along the Gothic Quarter is one of the many pleasures of being in Barcelona. Here you can watch the Sardana dance, see the Barcelona Cathedral, and be able to discover a number of affordable dining places.

Parc de la Ciutadella

Claimed to be one of the city’s loveliest places, this park is recommended for couples who are looking for a relaxing place to unwind. Here you can enjoy the fresh air and be surrounded by tall trees and dense greenery.


Barcelona is world famous for is relaxing beaches. May to September is a peak period for the city beaches. For those who would like to unwind and experience the waters of the city, some of the highly recommended beaches are Somorrostro Beach, Sant Miquel, and Mar Bella.

Tibidabo Amusement Park

Those who are travelling with kids should definitely stop by the Tibidabo Amusement Park. Built in 1889, this is a great venue to enjoy the rides and some really amazing scenery. Here you can find a church that is perched on top of a mountain. It is worth a visit.

Barcelona Travel Tips

  1. Save on accommodations by choosing hostel over hotels. Hotels, especially those that are within the city proper can be pricey.


  1. You can save on food by buying your own groceries and making your own meals. While food in Barcelona is more affordable than the food in most European cities, you can secure your budget if you avoid eating out often.


  1. Enjoy the seafood. The local sea catches are impressive so head out to the beach for lunch and have a wonderful seafood feast.


  1. If you will be in the city for an extended period, save on transportation by availing of your bus tickets in advance. A pack of ten tickets is discounted.


  1. Take advantage of the free attractions. There are a number of museums that you can check for free while here.


  1. Avoid wearing flashy jewelry. While Barcelona is generally a safe destination, there are some issues of pick pocketing and street robbery. Keep a low profile especially if you are travelling alone and always keep an eye on your belongings.


Best Places to Stay in Barcelona

Being one of Europe’s top cities, Barcelona is a home to some of the finest hotels and accommodations. For those who are looking for value and quality, the Park Hotel is highly recommended. Those who fancy beautiful surroundings and a rich history will enjoy the accommodations offered at the Neri Hotel.

Where to Eat

Dining in Barcelona is a pleasant experience as there are a number of interesting dining places to choose from. For those who would like to try Catalan cuisine, there’s Agut, 7 Portes, and Can Culleretes. For Basque specialties, guests must visit Ipar-Txoko, Igueldo, and Gorria. Vegans will also be able to find great vegetarian restaurants in the city. Among them are Raso Terra, Cat Bar, and Teresa Carles. For paella lovers, make sure to stop by Les Quinze Nuits.